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Recovery || 5 Tips to Recovery

Getting sick is the worst feeling in the world. No matter how much you try, you can’t bounce back until you are fit and ready. And, even then you might not feel your best. Luckily, you don’t have to lie on your sick bed for the rest of your days because there is an alternative. In fact, there are several alternatives, all of which you can find below.  Hopefully, these tips will help you feel better in no time.

Get Some Rest

Before you start the long process back to full fitness, you need to rest your body. Rest is the only time that your body gets to shut down and take stock of the day. Only then can it start to regenerate cells and tissues that have atrophied while you were sick. If you get plenty of rest, you will find getting better much easier than if you come back too soon.

Listen To Your Body

To link to the last point, you should also listen to your body. You are the only one that knows whether you are ready to make a comeback.  How? By listening to your body and analyzing the answers. For example, if you start to get a fever or an elevated heart rate while you train, it is a sign that you need to take it down a notch. Your body will give you all the signs – you just need to spot them in time.

Don’t Do Too Much Too Soon

It is human nature to want to make up for lost time. So, as soon as you hit the gym, you will go hell for leather. Bad move. Because you have been off for such a long time, your body needs time to settle down. If you try and perform to your standard before you became sick, you will overload your body in a bad way. The result is that you could easily get an injury. Or, it may affect your mental health. People that can’t perform to the same standard think that they should just give up because they are no longer any good. That is not true. You are just struggling because of your layoff from exercise. Every athlete, from Messi to Usain Bolt, would suffer the same results.

Try Different Types Of Medicines

Drugs work well, and you should take them to get better. But, alternative sources of medicine are also a good option. even if they don't have a medical effect, they can have a placebo effect and still make you better. try and mix the different types of medicines and therapies. 

Go To Rehab

No, not drug or substance abuse rehab: physical therapy rehab. There are rehab centres in both the UK and US. In the US, you'll find centres such as the rehabilitation sun city center specialises in helping people get back on their feet. In the UK, you can go via your own GP to be referred. It doesn’t matter what type of illness or injury you had because they have all the personnel and equipment you need. Plus, it is also easier to recover with the help of others. The staff almost act as your personal trainer, pushing you when you and slowing you down when you need to.

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