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Relationships || 5 Fantastic Date Ideas

Last week, we published a popular blog post about how to prepare for that all-important date night. It went down so well, we thought we’d do a follow up post about the date itself. It’s always tricky picking that very first date location. You don’t know each other very well, and you’re still trying to gauge each other’s interests. Unless, of course, you’re going on a date with your better half, and you know exactly what you want! So, whether you’re heading out on a first date, or trying to spice up your existing routine, here are some ideas.  

Dinner and a movie

Dinner and a movie is a classic combination. It might not sound particularly adventurous, but it’s best to stick to the basics on a first date. Going to a quiet restaurant with low lighting is incredibly romantic. You can begin to see if the sparks fly, without too much pressure. It’s a good amount of time to get to know each other, and the choice of movie at the cinema gives you an instant talking point. 


Going for coffee is a laid-back alternative. There’s much less pressure than a dinner date, and the atmosphere is a little more relaxed. A morning or afternoon date is a whole different experience to a dinner date. We often think it’s a better alternative for that first meeting. You can chat casually, and get to know each other. Even better, it’s a flexible date. You can call it off quickly if things aren’t working out, or you can extend it all afternoon.

Gig or concert

If you know your date is into music, this is a brilliant first-date idea. The anticipation and atmosphere all adds to the butterflies in your tummy, and creates all sorts of excitement. It’s an incredibly charged way to spend an evening. Of course, always find out what type of music your date is into before you organize it! You can buy cheap event tickets online, and share a memorable experience. Finish things off with a quick drink after the gig, and you’ll have plenty to talk about too.

Go for a walk

It’s easy to feel intimidated on a first-date. So, take out away some of the pressure by suggesting a long walk. It takes you out of the busy cafes and restaurants, and gives you some space to be alone. You might feel a little more comfortable without so many people around, and you can talk openly. Who knows, maybe you’ll be holding hands by the end of the date?

Shopping together

This is a risky choice, but it will work with the right person! Spend an afternoon wandering the shops together. Perhaps you have to buy each other one item along the way. It’s a great idea because it keeps throwing up new conversation topics. Whether it’s fashion, books, music or films, you’re never short of something to talk about.

Take your pick, and enjoy your date night! Have you got any other great ideas?

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