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Secrets To The Perfect Kid's Party

I'm not sure how to approach this post. On the one hand, you want to make the party great for your kids. On the other, you want to finish the day in one piece. Which should you choose? Hosting a kids party can actually be a lot of fun. But getting it right takes a little effort. So what should you be doing?
The first step in any hosting party is to make sure that the event is properly managed. Part of this means picking the right venue. What venue do you think your child would most appreciate? Perhaps they have a particular interest in swimming and want a swimming party. Or maybe they want to go bowling. A party doesn’t necessarily have to be at your house.
Sometimes, a party can't be held in a house because of the sheer numbers of people. When a bigger space is required there are usually local church halls that can be hired out. 
Once you've picked a location, it's time to get the invites out. Don't feel like you have to invite every little 5 and 6-year-old your child has ever come known. Managing huge numbers of young children can be difficult. Just stick to the ones they know well. 
Have a Theme 
To stop the party from descending into complete chaos and pandemonium, it's a good idea to make some activity the focus of the afternoon. Outside providers, like Little Squigglers, offer some suggestions. Maybe your child has got a creative streak and would like to develop their creative side. An art and craft-themed party would allow them to do something they enjoy and give the whole experience a focus. 
You could also have a themed party and stick to that. One idea would be to have everybody dress up as either a pirate of a member of the King's Royal Navy and have games based on that. 
Sort Out The Menu
I'm sure you're a responsible parent when it comes to your children's diet. But this is their chance to have something a little bit special. The thing is, you were probably born in the good old days when eating jammy dodgers and cake was something you ONLY did on your birthday. Now, though, it's become all too common.
Having great party food for kids doesn't necessarily have to be cheap junk. You can do a good job of imitating it in a way that won't lead to type 2 diabetes. Make your own brownies with less sugar. Get sugar-free fizzy pop and put healthy toppings on a pizza. If you do a good job, the kids will love it, and in the future, they'll love you for it. 
Have Great Entertainment
The crowning jewel in any party should be the entertainment. And kids tend to be far more easily impressed with live entertainers than jaded adults that have seen it all before. For young children, anything that messes with their sense of reality seems to be very well received. I'm thinking clown-shows and magicians. For teens, stick with a DJ.

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