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Don’t Be Afraid To Have Fun With Fashion

Far too many of us are afraid to have fun with fashion but we shouldn’t be. Your style might be something that’s very personal to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. For a lot of us, our number one reason for not making what we wear fun is fear of getting laughed at. What if an outfit we experiment with doesn’t look right and people laugh? What if a look we come up with is just too out there? These are all things that run through our minds when it comes to the idea of having fun and experimenting with fashion. However, they shouldn’t be. 

It might be daunting coming up with a ‘fun’ new look, but don’t let that put you off. To help you come up with a few awesome new looks and have a laugh when it comes to your wardrobe, I thought I would share a few tips and ideas. Believe it or not, fashion is meant to be fun, too many of us forget that. 

Be creative with what you wear 

One of the best ways to make fashion more fun and enjoyable is by being creative with what you wear. This means not just opting to wear dull, neutral colours every day, but being willing to experiment and try something new. Don’t dress just like everyone else, add your own personal twist to your look. Be it with an iconic hat, a sleek scarf or some other eye-catching pieces, just find a way to get creative with your look. 

Take inspiration from the catwalk

The idea of copying an outfit a model wears on the catwalk might not appeal to you however, if you take parts of the outfit and combine them chances are you're going to love the resulting look. It’s easy to get intimidated by the looks we see in magazines as they’re always on ‘perfect’ people but they can work on us normals also. Have some fun and mess around with a few different looks you’ve seen on models. The chances are, some of the looks you try out, you’ll actually like. Whether it’s trying out a Jilbab or a smock dress it doesn’t matter, try it on and see whether the style suits you. 

Let your friends dress you 

Another simple way to have fun with fashion is by letting your friends dress you. Sometimes, friends have ideas for dressing you that you would never come up with yourself. Because they’re objective when it comes to your look, they can be more creative with ideas. For example, you may think that a-line skirts don’t suit your body shape but your friend may think a high-waisted one would. After trying the skirt on, you may find that actually, your friend is right, an a-line high-waisted skirt is perfect for you. Let your friends dress you and not only will you have fun but you’ll also find new looks and styles that suit you. 

There you have it, a few unique ideas for having fun with fashion. Take these ideas on board and not only can you make fashion more fun but you might also discover a few new styles you love.

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