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Starting a Family | Here's How To Plan For A Baby

Lots of us have chosen to hold off starting a family. There are many reasons for this choice. You may not have thought you were emotionally ready to raise a child. Perhaps you were waiting for a relationship to evolve. Careers often get in the way of starting a family too. But if you feel now could be the right time, there are still plenty of things to plan and prepare.

It’s not just the girls that should prepare for pregnancy. The guys can do a lot to enhance their chances of conception. Our partners can also work on improving the quality of their sperm. Despite what you hear when you’re a teenager, it’s not always that easy to fall pregnant. And if you’re trying later in life, it can be very difficult indeed. Both of you should eat and drink as healthily as possible. And you should both be exercising regularly. Excess weight can reduce your chances of conception, so try to ensure you are both within the normal ranges. Sharing a diet and exercise plan can also be a good way to bond. Quality time together now is important, as you may not have much once your baby is born!

Having sex when you ovulate is the best time to become pregnant. This usually occurs around two weeks into your cycle. You can use a testing kit to check. Some people think that abstaining for two to three days before can ensure the best sperm count for the job, however, have sex a day or two before you ovulate is still viable as it takes a while for things to get going let's just say. Of course, many men can suffer from impotence, especially when there is pressure to perform. If your partner has any of the common symptoms of erectile dysfunction, then his doctor will be able to offer help.

It can be an anxious time waiting for those three or four weeks for an answer. But if you don’t have a positive pregnancy test, don’t fret. It can take months for conception. Just try again next time you’re ovulating. Remember, we don’t necessarily ovulate every month. And you’re both free to enjoy practising the baby-making process as often as you like!

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, life will never be the same again. Your diet needs to be healthy throughout and there should be no alcohol consumption. Smoking is a big no too! Exercise can continue but stick to gentler ways of keeping fit. Yoga for pregnancy and plenty of walks are ideal. A little weight gain is expected, but this can be managed with portion control and an active lifestyle. 

Managing your finances is important now you’re pregnant. A newborn won’t cost you a thing in food, but nappies are so expensive! Clothing can be pricey, but you’ll probably find there will be plenty of things gifted to you. Your household bills will increase as you will be home more often. And childcare will cost a lot. But you’ll have a family, and life with your little one will be incredible.


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