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3 Years Later Update || Mood Lipsticks & Magic Babies

Do you remember the last magic mood lipstick I posted about? I did mention I'd ordered a few others and they finally arrived. If you missed the original post on my magic colour changing lipstick you should check it out. 

So, this lipstick is awesome I initially purchased it because the lilac shade attracted me - It was only after I applied it I thought 'What the heck is going on' because what should have been a gorge shade of lilac, resulted in a fuchsia pink that got brighter as the day went along. 

What I eventually figured out is that these La Femme colour changing lipsticks is that they actually do what they say on the tin and that is - turn different shades depending on your body chemistry and your body heat. As soon as I saw this myself I turned into a crazily addicted adult-teen, similarly to how I was as a teenager hunting down International lipstick shaped glitter sticks in the red, blue and silver shade - big up the 90's teenagers! I wanted more colours like a drug addict wants drugs purely and why....? because I wanted to see what colour they'd turn *duh*  I was I suppose getting a tad crazy over them ...

So, I headed back to eBay; got into a little Ebay scuffle with the seller who was completely asshat. Apparently, the seller figured it would be OK to invoice me for a random postage amount. When I asked to get the invoice altered to the right amount the response, 'oh pay the invoice at the higher amount and well eventually refund you' erm..... how about 'No' Mr Seller! 

So when I received my lipsticks knowing that the seller was irate about me not paying them the higher amount as they requested I received BOTH with the tips knocked off. The seller had blatantly twisted these up until they'd smooshed into the cap... BOTH of them (not obvious in the pics as the OCD cray-cray in me smoothed the tops). 

So here are the lippies.   

When I swatched these they were blue and red. In this picture, the blue turned into a pretty lilac and the red started to turn pinkish. Eventually, these turned into a real lavender lilac and a pretty pink shade. The blue is my favourite by far. 

The lipsticks feel balmy once applied which means these are so comfortable to wear, it also means that these are suitable for younger ladies or those who prefer a more natural lip. There's no furrowing and you don't have to worry about re-applying every time you eat or drink because they do have a gentle staining ability - I'm unsure if this is intentional or unintentional, though. Either way for the £1 that they are, these lipsticks are worth it and so much more. 

I'm hooked now just like I wasSimilarly to how I was way back in the 90's when those Magic Diaper Babies toys came out. You know those little blind bags that contained a collectable toy? Well this collection were ones that contained babies with nappies on that you dipped into water; if their nappies changed to pink they were obviously girls and if they turned blue then they were, of course, boys. Until you got it home and dipped it's butt in water you really had no idea what colour it was going to be. Imagine these days if they launched these, the gender neutrality police would be all over those blind bags. 

If you can't remember them? Here's a pic to jog your memory.

Do you remember those toys? No-one I know can ever remember them? 

Edit 3 years later: These lipsticks are still going strong. I absolutely adore them and they're really nourishing too. I still wholeheartedly recommend these to ladies and gents of all ages - see gender police I am gender aware. 


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