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5 Ways | Get Your Kid's Gardening

Gardening can be a great hobby to encourage your kids. It allows them to learn all about plants and taking care of things. It is a great activity to do in the summer months. Especially during the summer holidays when children can get bored. Actively getting them involved in the garden could be a lifesaver. It may even save you a bit of money because you won’t have to be going out all the time. So if your kids are at the perfect age to learn about gardening here are five ways you can encourage them to get involved. 

Let their senses run wild

Many plants are extremely sensory. Things like the strong smell of the curry plant leave and garden mint right through to the textures of some flowers and bushes. It’s a great opportunity for younger children to learn all about different smells, and how things feel. As well as the older children learning about different plant types. It’s a lot of fun for them to experience it all and it may just encourage them to want to learn more about it.

Plant fruits & Veggies

Planting fruit and vegetables are a great way to encourage children to get more involved in gardening. Especially because they can eat what they grew. Once it has all been washed of course. It’s a great lesson for them to see exactly where some foods come from. It may even encourage them to try a few new foods because they have had involvement in the growing process. Sometimes fruit trees and vegetable patches grow at different times of the year. So this should also keep their interest throughout. A great place to buy some is from websites like Chrisbowers.co.uk.

Inspire them

Attending big gardens where amazing flower displays have been planted is one way you may inspire your children to get involved. Specialist garden shows and festivals are also great. They tend to have some amazing displays which should spark the creativity that resides in our children. 

Let them have their own tools

We all know everyone can get a little possessive over their things. Especially children. So a great idea would be to let them have their own set of gardening tools. These will be perfectly safe for them to use and the right size. Meaning they will get much more enjoyment out of the gardening experience. 

Let them show off what they create

Finally, document their gardening experience. This will encourage them to continue to get out there as they will be able to see the changes that are happening. They will be so proud of what they achieve so make sure you make a big deal out of it to keep the encouragement going. 

Gardening is not only a lot of fun for children and adults alike, but it can also be extremely educational. There are even studies to show that children who are actively involved in gardening concentrating more in school. Now, I’m not too sure how much truth there is to that, but if it can keep the children away from the TV and computer games, then it’s got to be a good thing, right?


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