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Beauty | The Secrets Of A Stunning Smile

Nothing makes you feel more confident than a radiant, healthy smile. Are you going for an interview? Are you searching for ‘the one’? If so, research suggests that a nice smile can improve your chances. If you’re not blessed with flawless teeth, don’t panic. Here are some simple tips to help enjoy a stunning smile. 

Oral Hygiene

Most of us are aware that brushing our teeth helps to keep cavities and gum disease at bay. But did you know that your oral hygiene regime also has a major impact on the look of your teeth? Neglecting brushing and flossing can increase the risk of staining. Devote a few minutes each morning and evening to give your teeth a thorough clean. Use fluoride toothpaste and floss daily. Angle the head of your toothbrush to cover the gum line, and brush gently. Always wait at least 45 minutes to brush after eating. When you eat, your enamel softens, and brushing can cause damage.

Most dentists also recommend an annual trip to the dental hygienist. Many people assume that hygienist visits are beneficial only for those who have existing oral health issues. Dental hygiene treatments are effective for patients with gum disease. But they can also be an excellent preventative measure for those with healthy teeth. When you see a hygienist, they will use powerful cleaning techniques to blitz plaque and remove bacteria. Intensive cleaning treatments also reduce surface staining, leaving you with a beautiful sparkling smile. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have aesthetic issues with your teeth, you’re not alone. Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more popular every year, as we seek to achieve perfect pearly whites. If you’re worried about chips or staining, or you have uneven or wonky teeth, why not arrange a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. There are solutions out there for almost any issue you could imagine, and often therapies are simple and affordable. Popular treatments include porcelain veneers, tooth whitening, and cosmetic bonding. If you’re worried about cost, many clinics now offer finance. This enables you to spread the cost of your treatment over a period of time, rather than paying the entire sum in one go. 


Your diet influences your oral health, but it can also affect the look of your smile. Certain foods and drinks contain staining agents, which contribute to discolouration. The worst offenders include wine, coffee, tea, soy sauce, cola and dark berries. If you’re unable to kick your morning coffee habit, always rinse your mouth with water afterwards. If you’re drinking fizzy drinks or juice, use a straw to prevent direct contact with your tooth enamel. 

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get their gorgeous, glowing smiles? You don’t have to be a red carpet regular to enjoy a stunning smile. Follow these simple steps to keep your teeth in tip-top condition and explore your options. If you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry, book a consultation. You may be surprised at what can be achieved in a short space of time without any pain at all.


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