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Beauty || Tom Ford Lipstick Dupe

If you're not flush enough to fork out the £37 price tag I think I've found a possible dupe for Tom Ford's Flame lipstick which has been coveted since it's release a few years back. This seems to be the most popular red in their collection. 

The image on the left is Flame - it's a matte red with an orange undertone and is very pigmented, this swatch is apparently one swipe.  

The colour on the right is also a matte red with an orange undertone - granted I never swiped the lipstick as neatly as the one on the left but you can see that both have a very pigmented saturation in with one swipe. 

So what's the difference other than the brand name? Well the biggest difference is actually the price tag. A major difference of £35+ to be exact. The Tom Ford version costs £38 from Selfridges

The lipstick on the right is by a budget brand and costs a mere £2.49! it's pigmented, the shade is called Flame and it's really lovely to wear and has some pretty major lasting power. So who's it by? Miners Cosmetics! of all brands I was so shocked that this performed as well as it did. 

What's your take on this dupe? 


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  1. I love that dupe, it's really nice. I think £38 is a pretty obscene price for a lipstick, who really pays that?

    1. Absolutely Joanne, imagine what else you could buy with that money. Gah I could have a spree in Primark and still have change haha.


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