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Busy Mums | Tips For Re-energising

If you’re a busy mum, you’ll know what it feels like to be exhausted. Running errands, taking care of kids, and even taking care of your other half can take it out of you. It’s essential that mums take the time to re-energise and make themselves feel good again as often as possible. I know how it feels to have mummy guilt, wanting that little bit of time to yourself to do something silly or small but being unable to because your child must come first. 

Well, here's an invisible mummy card that you can pull out when you feel that way if you don't look after yourself first and foremost how can you give your all to your bambinos? Also, if you feel your best, you’ll be happier, you're health will improve, you're relationship with your child will be strengthened and there really is nothing negative that will come from it. These tips should help you feel great again! There's also a great post over on Health.com covering tips to energise your body which I recommend.


When you eat nourishing food, you energise your body. The food we eat will either help us or hinder us making us feel fantastic or, ill and lethargic. Ask yourself if what you’re putting into your body is helping you and I get that your busy or tired, I really do (big mama hugs) and that it's sometimes easier to pick off your child’s plate or grab easy things to eat while rushing out of the door. But, hear me out - this isn't helping us mama bears whatsoever. Try to plan in advance what foods you're going to need for the week, spend a little bit of time either at the weekend when you have someone to help or early morning preparing foods and snacks that can be popped into the freezer or fridge for the week ahead. When you're super tired you'll be so grateful that you've done this and you’ll feel so much better in the long run.


Drink plenty of water to keep you going. You’ll find that when you drink lots of water, you automatically feel more awake, alert, and ready to go. If you feel rubbish for no apparent reason, it might be a case of getting some more water in. Many busy mums live off coffee, but too much of it can actually cause more stress! Make sure you’re getting at least 2 litres of water a day. 

Exercise - It's not a swear word, promise.

You might feel like you don’t have time for exercise and I would agree to disagree. Believe me, I used every excuse and the scary thing is I 100% believed I didn't have the time nor the energy for keeping fit. I came to realise that it's not something I can pick and choose because let's face it you're body and health are going to fight back at some point - getting into exercise before you're body is literally screaming out for it, makes the whole process so much easier. If you missed my previous blog post covering health tips you can check it out here: Health tips to pass onto your kids. I'm including that post because but everybody has time for a 15-minute session before starting the day or even a few minutes stretching as a bare minimum. Youtube is an excellent motivator as you can create a fitness playlist, look for local walking groups, mummy fit groups or simply use your stairs and household chores (squats, lunges etc) as a keep-fit tool. You really don’t need a gym membership to be apart of the fit squad. All you need is a bit of space and you can make a workout up wherever you are, adding five to ten-minute increments throughout the day will really add up.

Pamper Yourself

If you don’t feel good about yourself, you can hardly expect to feel happy and energised. Make sure you spend time pampering yourself. Give yourself a facial, do your nails, catch up with your favourite box set or tv programmes or dabble in a hobby or two. Whatever you relaxes and unwinds you then make the time for it. You’re worth it. You could even go and have massage treatments to release stress or book your parents, partner or husband to look after the morning schedule so you can have a lie-in. But, remember to return the favour.

‘You’ Time

Making time for yourself time is so important. This is different from pampering because your time should be a regular thing. Everyone needs time to unwind and destress daily. Whether it’s reading your favourite book whilst having a bath - alone, taking time to make goals for yourself or even just peeing without any children banging on the door you need to make time to do this otherwise each day blends into the other and you lose the sense of who you are which can be a scary place to be in. You can’t simply forget who you are in the throes of motherhood. 

Focus on yourself as much as you focus on others. When you feel on top form, the people around you will too. I hope you like these tips and they help you to feel the best you’ve felt in a while!


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