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Instagram | 5 Accounts You'll Love

I LOVE this Instagram and also the My Name is Yeh blog. It's one of a few blogs and Instagrams that I visit every time a post goes live and I'm constantly blown away by her baking and foodie creations. Her photography skills are also to die for, I mean look how awesome that splatter cake is! and then there's bacon bread, hells yes! Her cakes are professional but homegrown, simplistic details but the flavours sound amazing! 

Food Baby

There's food, lots of food and there's a baby. Apparently, there's another baby due also. If you love to ogle tasty foods in all forms and see the cutest little kid then you'll love Food Baby. Word of warning only visits this Instagram once you've eaten because it WILL cause weird food cravings and a need for sugary goodness. You have been warned.

Lorraine Loots (Paintings For Ants)

Chances are you've come across Lorraine's teeny-tiny pieces of art over on Facebook on her Paintings For Ants page. I just don't get how she can get so much detail into such a little space.


Nature art at it's finest. 143roy makes some pretty impressive art portraits, you must pop over to see what I mean.

This Wild Idea

Maddie the dog has completely captured my heart, this dog not only has a better and far more exciting life than I do but she's also hilariously photogenic. Prepare to fall in love.

What non-celebrity Instagram accounts do you love?

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