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My Favourite Shoes || My Natalie Lace Flats

Long gone are the days where I would only wear heels, even kitten heels were a no-no for me in my early twenties. These days I appreciate a well made flat and on rarer occasions a kitten heel or short wedge. I still remember the day that the ballet flat and the pump hit my radar, browsing through my Marie Claire I saw a photo of Kate Moss rocking her ballet flats pre-pregnancy and I fell in love. It's crazy though that even though I'd fallen head over heels for the flat I still didn't purchase my first pair for until around 2004 when I was pregnant with Cole.

Every year since I've purchased so many pairs in every colour. I've tried the lower priced flats from New Look and Primark in their range of shiny, patent and silk flats, I've tried more structured ones from Next and Schuh which were mostly leather or canvas and I've even tried rubber ones from Mel Shoes. The thing is when you try so pairs you become a bit of a shoe snob. Fake leather shoes I find leave me feeling deflated as I can't shake the image of Kate Moss in her weathered leather flats. The patents caused me ulcers every single time and the rubber ones were fab but mud and dusk seems to get into them really easily. Structured flats are hit or miss. If the sizing is right these make me feel like a professional superstar, structured flats are one of those styles that go with everything and anything and can't fail to make you look put together.

It's nearly spring so it's flat shopping time, keeping my shoe irks in mind I decided to start on my spring and summer wishlist.

Butterfly Twists have really upped their game this year. So much I literally took a week to decide which pair I was going to opt for. I know I wanted the structured look rather than the comfort fit that comes with the silks and canvas round toes. I knew I wanted pointed fronts and I'd narrowed it down to Gabriela Leopard Shoes and these beautiful Natalie Lace shoes. 

They come all neatly housed in their slide out box with a little cotton bag. The reason being is they fold in half and can be popped into the bag and slid into your gym bag, handbag or any bag for that matter. 

Hubster thought I'd gone crazy, he said 'lace, they look like granny shoes' but I could see the bigger picture. I knew these would look amazing with some skinny leggings or denim teamed with some clean lines or a plain top and minimal accessories. I really wanted a basic colour and minimal details - dotty animal prints or texture were ideal as they could still team with clothing that had printed designs.

I do tend to wear these at the weekend and at the end of the week I keep them in my work bag just encase I have to nip to the shops or see a friend after work. It's so much easier swapping into these as they don't cause my feet to blister, I can wear them for hours upon hours within getting any sort of foot ache, heel ache or pains (which is rare as my feet are weird) and I just love how they look - they're prettier than my work shoes.

Before I got these Natalie Flats I did think the 'twist' part of the shoe might deter away from the overall style, I thought they might be a little bit too flimsy to have any real wearing power and I was worried about the quality too. I presumed they were popular because of the novelty factor too but I'm so glad I was proved wrong, oh-so-wrong! 

These were comfier than any other brand I've worn in the past. These were less bulky on the foot and the novelty factor allows me to take these everywhere without making my bag too full. Plus they're lace, they're so sophisticated but feminine and I don't look like a try-hard hipster wearing a style that's too young for me.

If you're not into lace however there really is a style to suit all tastes - the Gabriela slipper is a fun heart print shoe that's suitable for all ages, the Sophia is a nude faux leather that's similar to the style that Kate Moss wears and the Samantha shoe is all sparkles for that little bit of glitz. I have my eye on all three styles and also the Gabriela leopard print too. Now that I know how amazing these are I will be buying more over the next few months that's for sure, my problem however is knowing which style to opt for next. 

You can check out all of these styles as well as their wellies over on the Butterfly Twist Shoes website. 


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  1. This shoes is amazing and fabulous. This shoes is moveable and comfortable.


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