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British Flower Week | Injecting summer Into Our Lives

British Flower week has been running all week and ends today. I was challenged by Four Walls to discuss how I inject flowers into my own life - it was barely a challenge because flowers are something I believe should be in everyone's lives. As a pagan and all round nature lover, flowers are important to me all throughout the year, even my sons prefer having fresh flowers in the house. 

I really wanted to show you my newest flowery purchase but it didn't turn up on time (hence the late posting) but, here are some of our floral purchased over the last few months. I don't really have a specific flower preference, I tend to go for the colours and shapes more than one type of flower family - thistles, heather's, cactuses, sage, herbs, aloe plants, grasses and tulips have been on the top of my buying list lately but, I'm easy to convert so if you have a favourite flower, flower shop or flower bunch please let me know guys. 

Thistles are gorgeous. I love how they're a mixture of feminine and masculine. Being Scottish I feel an affinity to these flowers. The ones pictured above were dried but they still look pretty fantastic, don't they. The lilies were a Mother's Day purchase but we typically have to snip out the pollen stems as my eldest son is allergic. In all honesty, lilies were our go-to flower, that is until we had children. The gerberas were the most gorgeous shade of fuchsia so warrant this flower selfie, I believe this was a £3.99 bunch from ASDA's or Morrison's. 

The cactuses again were an ASDA purchase - I purchased these at a low point when my depression had come back. Weirdly these little cuties made me feel happy, who would have ever thought that something so prickly and unobtrusive could make a difference? Music, flowers, colours all help towards improving my health when depression hits. I know many others feel the same way, this is even more excuse to have these things in my life.

Tulips! nothing says spring and summer like a gorgeous bunch of tulips. The colours are absolutely amazing, I still remember my sons buying these for me, not for any reason other than they knew I loved them. How cute is that...? This summer we will be adding to our garden, we recently re-turfed which has been an absolute bitch over the last six weeks, I had no idea there was so much work into ensuring the turf survives. At least now we have a blank canvas to work with. The coloured heathers in the main photo are being considered, small vegetables and herbs. I'm just so undecided but if you have any recommendations give me a shout.

Plants not only look wonderful, but they also have the ability to heal, soothe and I suppose kill if you want to take it to the extreme. Similarly, colours have the ability to heal and soothe as does perfume. Well colours + perfume = flowers! Adding flowers in all variations will improve your life, I swear on it.

Ways to bring flowers into your life: 

Bouquets | Fresh flowers or ones cut from your garden. Remember weeds are just un-marketed flowers and look equally beautiful in a bunch.

Interiors | Fabrics and textiles are the easiest ways to get flowers into your life, however, you can go full-on flower power with your furniture or wallpaper too. If you're not so brave cushions, floral scented candles, linen sprays or lighting are a great option.

Garden & Exteriors | This is a no brainer really given this is where they grow however you can add more by using super cute pots, troughs and planters with varied flower types to really boost your mood and health. I recommend covering all areas - herbs, wildflowers, gorgeous coloured flowers, succulents and flowers for bees, oh don't forget your veggies - a small potato pot is all you need to start growing fresh potatoes.

Houseplants | OK so this is something you may be scared about. I'll put my hands up right now and tell you I have a tendency to kill houseplants, even the ones that are seemingly indestructible. I since found out it's because hubster was also watering them. I would recommend aloe plants, cactuses, spider plants or even miniature fruit trees to get you started.

Fashion | It's hard not to find a floral print on the high street, keeping in mind you can still wear your normal clothing but add a small amount of floral with items such as a cardigan, a scarf, a belt or even just a top with a hint of floral bias tape on the edges. If you don't like floral prints why not opt for floral shaped accessories?

What're your favourite flowers, did you celebrate British Flower Week in any way? Here's hoping my latest mini tree arrives this week...


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