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Home Design | Space-Saving Storage Tips

Whether you live by yourself or with your growing family, over time you can accumulate a lot of things that take up valuable space. The thing is we probably only use a quarter of the items we have but can't bear to part with them. I remember when we packed up to move to our current property thinking I wouldn't even miss most of those boxes if they were to go missing from the removal truck. Once they were unpacked I remember thinking that I could never part with them *sigh* It's a no-win situation unless you take action early. If you fall into this category I recommend you visit  BBC Home for these innovative space-saving tips

I've come up with some great space-saving ideas that can also help to give your home a stylish makeover, so why not have a look and let me know what you think?

Dining Issues 

When you live in a small flat or house, every inch of space is precious, and contemporary designers have created some ingenious ways to save space without detracting from the beauty of your home. Fold-away dining tables are a fantastic way to ensure you don't have to eat dinner on your lap each night, and also mean you don't have to allocate a huge amount of space to a specific dining area in your home. There are many different designs available for diminutive households, including wall-mounted tables that can be flipped away when not in use, and extendible tables that can accommodate larger groups when required.

Beds - Not Just For Sleeping

An Ottoman bed is a fantastic option for those with small bedrooms or those that have a lot of clothes and other items to store. This type of bed offers storage underneath the mattress area and can be easily flipped up to reveal extensive space inside. Bedding, towels and even shoes can be stored safely in these types of beds and if you don't have much money to spare, you can find an Ottoman bed here from Bedstar is sure to suit your budget.

Wall Storage 

Wall space is often a neglected area when it comes to storage, but floating shelves and cupboards are perfect for homes with limited floor-space. Floating shelves are also extremely stylish as their brackets are not exposed like ordinary shelving, but are housed inside the shelf and are hidden from view, this is fab if you're looking to fill your wall space with running shelves. However, if you're looking for storage with a decorative appeal then upgrading your current shelves with new brackets is an excellent way to do so on a budget - brackets are the in thing at the moment. Don't want to spend the money on new fixtures, why not upgrade them with some spray paint in metallic tones? 

Sofas Storage

When purchasing a new sofa you may not have considered it could also serve as a place to store everyday items, but there are several shops now selling couches with storage in the armrests and underneath the seats. You can say goodbye to random piles of magazines or heaps of shoes when you purchase a sofa with storage.

Coffee Tables

More than a place to place your coffee cup these days guys. A coffee table can provide the perfect storage solution for your living room. If you have a lot of magazines or coffee table books, buy a table with drawers or with hidden storage, so your items can be easily tidied away. I remember coveting this style of the coffee table when my sons were babies, just so I could hide away their toys, new nappies and baby wipes. Coffee tables can be used also for seating, there are more designs now than ever before where the tops are fabric, padded or have a simple glass topping so you can, in fact, sit on them - this is especially great when visitors come round. 

Multi-Purpose Stairs

If you have the budget, consider turning your stairs into an amazing storage opportunity. Each stair can be made into an individual drawer and simply pushed back in when you have found what you are looking for. If this poses too much of a safety hazard for your home, perhaps consider using the space beneath the stairs to house drawers. 

Further Inspirations 

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. Oh and Instagram. They are my bee-all-and-end-all. I no longer buy expensive magazines because I can literally find all of the inspiration on those sites. That's why I recommend them to everyone who's looking to do some DIY, change up a style or find a solution. We literally just saved a lot of money by using a Pinterest tip instead of getting a plumber in! 

This Pinterest board is a huge inspiration for useable but innovative space-saving pieces: creative space-saving furniture. I can't get my head around some of these pieces and more so how the hell they're not seen commonly on the internet given the size of properties these days. 


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