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In my local area, there have been numerous break-ins, thefts and random acts of vandalism. While this may seem pretty normal, for my area it's really not and you know, that worries me. I do get anxious about my house being broken into or my car being damaged [again]. It was only a few months back that our shed was broken into, granted there wasn't much but still my son's scooters were in there, the lawnmower and some toys that were all as new. We didn't have insurance. We lost out. We had just moved house and were covered in our last property but you just never think it's going to happen to you and so I presumed holding off would be fine.

Now I can't stop worrying about it and so I'm on the hunt for new insurance providers - hopefully. my shed break-in and my search for reliable providers that cover the items that may get stolen helps you in the long run. My aim is to find providers that will save me money in the long run, will cover my goods and won't cause hassle if the worst happens - gosh I sound like a TV advert now don't I?

Whether it’s home insurance, car insurance or, even pet insurance. Here are some of my current tips to get insured without breaking the bank.

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Consider what’s most important to you

To ensure you find cheap insurance, you need to consider what is most important that you need the cover for. If you feel like you wouldn’t need a courtesy car, for example, you could easily take this off so that you will get cheaper insurance. Or you may want third party insurance rather than fully comprehensive which will also result in a cheaper bill. Whatever insurance you are taking out, check the policy and decide if there are any extras you could take off which will save you some money.

Fill out details correctly

Another way you can make sure that your insurance is as cheap as possible is to make sure you fill out the details correctly. So for home insurance, you need to ensure you put the right amount the house is worth if you want to keep it down. If you just guess, you could end up putting the insurance up higher than it should be. Make sure you fill out details such as date of birth correctly as this could affect your bill. You should also ensure you make sure you put your job role down correctly as well, as this can affect your insurance as well.

Compare deals

You can also keep insurance down by making sure you are switching insurers when necessary. If you stick with the same insurer year after year, they will keep slowly putting your insurance up and won’t be offering you the best deals. Use compare sites to ensure you are getting the cheapest deals available to you. If you aren’t, it’s time to switch provider and reap the benefits. Check what’s covered in your contents insurance. It might be cheaper to get separate insurance for bikes such as comprehensive cycle insurance, which covers you in the case of theft or vandalism.

Keep it safe

To ensure you get the cheapest insurance possible, you need to be making an effort to look like you are keeping the house or car safe. Install burglar alarms and window locks so that you can put that on there to show you are trying to deter burglars. Get a car alarm and also a steering wheel lock so thieves won’t be able to take your car. Adding these when you are applying for your insurance will go in your favour and will keep costs down.

Use it less

Another way you can keep insurance down is to make sure you are using it less. For example, when you are getting car insurance, and you say you are using it to do thousands of miles a year, it’s bound to be higher. Therefore, start walking more and it will keep the bill down as you are using the car less.

Hopefully, these tips will help you save money that you can spend on other things for your family.


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