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Parenting | Summer Holiday Things To Do

Are you stuck for activities that are fun for you and the little ones? Do you like to make lasting memories, but want something that will get you excited as well as the kids? Look no further for some parent and kid-friendly activities.

Harry Potter Studios
Another fantastic activity for young and old alike is the Harry Potter Studios Tour. This is run by Warner Brothers and is located just outside of London. You get to see a full-scale model of Hogwarts, drink Butterbeer (Butterbeer recipe here if you fancy making it at home) and check out the Dursley's house. Then take a peek inside Dumbledore's office, and look round the fantastic exhibits on how the man the magical creatures were created. Make sure you don't miss a walk down a real-life Diagon Alley! While it is all child-friendly, adults will find lots of things of interest too, so it's perfect for the whole family.
While the activities listed above are focused on going out,  you can always do cheaper activities at home. Try building a fort, making a fairy garden or a even try a movie night - check out our blog post about our own Disney Descendants movie night here: Descendant's Movie Night.
Firstly to keep the kids and the parents happy what are you trying to Build-A-Bear workshop. You can find these in most UK city shopping centres. They are medium-size shops, and they sell a huge range of different stuffed animals. Your child gets to pick an animal, fill it with stuffing, add at heart, and make a wish. Then you receive a birth certificate, and you can dress and accessorise it from an excellent choice of different items. It's great because your child has a keepsake, the experience itself is fun and is something that you can do together and share. Why not get yourself one too?
If you're a bit more of an active family why not try GoQuest.ie. This is a fantastic activity for children over eight, teenagers and parents. You can go on a team together up to five people. The aim of the game is to complete timed challenges in four different zones. Each challenge you complete, win points for the team,  and you are trying to get as many points as possible. There are physical, skill and mental activities on offer so there will be something for all the family. It's a great way of bringing the family together and doing something a bit different. Great for a weekend away or if you're local make it a regular challenge.
Pottery Painting
Pottery painting is a fantastic activity for the creatives in your family. You get to choose an item to paint. These can range from mugs, pet bowls, ornaments, teapots, plates and even piggy banks. Then you get to sit at a table with the kids and paint the items in just the way you want to! While the kids are painting a magical unicorn in pink, or an ugly troll in green, why don't you pick a lovely serving platter? This means everyone is involved in the activity, and everyone gets something to take away with them at the end. Remember though the pottery shop will have to fire your artwork before you can take it home.


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