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Making the right makeup choices is something that has become more complicated as options have increased. There is a wide market for different products, products for different skin types and colours. Whatever look you're aiming for, there are products out there that will help you achieve it. The flip side of this is, of course, that there can be some confusion over which is the best product, and what the pros and cons of different products are.

Never has the phrase "spoilt for choice" been more apposite than now. And perhaps we really are spoilt. There was a time when if you wanted to wear makeup, there were a few products and that was it. If you wore this makeup, you recognised that the impact on your skin wouldn't be ideal. You realised that it might smudge as the day went on. You hoped that it didn't rain, for fear of the consequences.

Arguably, because there is more to choose from, the style stakes are now higher, and as a result, you have more decisions to make than once was the case. Making those decisions can be tricky, but the benefits are greater than they once were too.


No makeup bag is ever really complete without some foundation. The number of foundation options has exploded in recent years with more shades, finished and brands being released almost annually. There are also more ways to apply it; Use a sponge or a brush? A lighter tone or something darker? Liquid foundation vs powder: maybe both? How you make your decision will depend on a number of factors, the most important one being your own preferences - do you prefer a light, natural look or are you a full on old-school fan?

Mascara & Lashes

It's not that long ago that you could tell for sure when someone was wearing mascara. Their lashes stood out for miles around and, if they cried or it rained, their mascara smudged and ran and that was a disaster. No-one wanted to be called panda eyes. Now, the options for mascara are so diverse that they can accentuate your lashes without making them stand out too far. There are different shades and different styles, you can opt for natural tones, full on length defying blacker than black finishes and even ones that moisturise and enhance lash length via serums added to the product. What look are you after because you can be sure tehre is a mascara for that look.


Red. Thick. Obvious. That's what lipstick used to be. Over the years, different colours have been added, and lipstick has been more diverse for longer than a lot of other makeup products. With that said, the evolution has not stopped. Once upon a time, you had to be prepared for the fact that wearing lipstick would have a detrimental effect on their lips. If you had a drink, your glass would show the evidence. Now, there are more options which don't have these drawbacks.

With great power comes tremendous responsibility, you could say. These days you can put together a look that will turn heads in the time it used to take to carefully apply blusher. With that comes the necessity to think about how that look will hold up and what effect it may have on your skin going forward. If you choose carefully, you can look amazing without all the old drawbacks.


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