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Vita Liberata | Capture The Light Skin Finish

I first came across Vita Liberata in the summer of 2009 when I first tried their awesome fake tan and was instantly intrigued by this brand because it makes some pretty major claims and, as a fake tan scaredy cat it was one of two brands that I could use and not feel anxious about doing so. This made me wonder how other products would perform especially as I had no negative reactions after using the tan, most products cause some sort of reaction on my pathetic skin these days.  

Vita Liberata (I'll just call them VL from here on) launched back in 2007, they wanted to create a brand that was completely non-toxic and organic and they did just that. VL now happily take on the title of being the world's leading non-toxic and organic tanning company. 

I was so happy to be asked to review their Capture The Light - Illuminating Skin Finish because I love that it can be used on top of tan or alone on naked skin. Multi-functional products are always going to be a winner for me as honestly, I hate wasting money on things I'll use once and leave lying in a drawer. 

You can use this product on your chest, arms, legs, body or face - basically anywhere and everywhere. If you apply this on top of a tan, it will leave you with that gorgeous golden glow that we see celebrities with and are envious of - surely it's not just me that gets glow envy?

If you apply this naked or as a base, it's going to make your skin healthy, luminous and radiant. I've actually used it to highlight my cheekbones and my brow bones and it looks gorgeous just used simply - or - I use this on my peely-wally legs to give them some sort of dimension rather than looking like a ghost - the glow itself looks natural and stops my glaringly obvious veins from screaming ''look at me'' in the summer seasons. 

I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of it on, I promise I'll get that added though lovelies, the skin finish also contains SPF15 but be sure to still add extra protection if you're only adding it to your cheeks or brows or chest. You can pick this up over on the Vita Liberata website.


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