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Wellbeing | Common Yoga Problems and How To Fix Them

When it first hit the mainstream, yoga was something that was done by the middle classes in an attempt to find zen. It was ridiculed as pointless at best, and cultural appropriation at worst. No one took it seriously. Fast forward a decade and change, and it's now widely accepted that yoga has a whole host of wonderful benefits. Not only can it help your core strength, suppleness, and general physical tone; it also has a positive impact on your mood. Many people throughout society now turn to it as a coping mechanism for modern life, describing it as the only time they feel at peace.

So what if you've tried yoga and not found it's had the same effect for you? It can be tricky to understand- after all, everyone swears by this stuff, but you're uncomfortable. We're going to try and root out the cause of these problems and, most importantly, offer some fixes for them.

Problem: "It hurts."

What's Going Wrong: You're going too fast, too soon. Like all forms of exercise, it's going to take awhile to build up your strength to be able to handle it. Don't think you will be able to contort yourself into a pretzel from the off. This should be a beneficial activity. Pain is your body's way of saying you should stop and slow down. It's vital you listen to it.

Problem: "I get distracted during the class."

What's Going Wrong: While you can still feel the physical benefits without the calming mental side, it's not ideal. Yoga should be about the joining of the two parts of you, the mental and the physical. Distraction is a common problem if you're in a large class. The problem might be that the class is of varying levels of ability, so you get bored or find yourself rushing to keep up. Or it might be the class altogether. If you tend to thrive in one-on-one environments, then Private Yoga is a good solution.

Problem: "I don't feel better for it."

What's Going Wrong: It maybe again that you're doing too much too soon, but it could also be the opposite. If you stay at a level that is lower than what you are capable of, you can find you're not getting the endorphin rush yoga should bring. You need to push yourself but within limits, with an experienced instructor guiding your way. YouTube videos and your front room are not going to produce the best results as personalised tuition from an expert.

Problem: "I don't feel it's for me."

What's Going Wrong: Your mind is trying to block you from doing something for no good reason at all. One of the benefits of this type of exercise is that there is something that suits all because it can all be tailored to your individual needs. It even suits those carrying injuries or with movement problems, both young and old alike. You're not going to know until you try it. Go for a month and then see how you feel- chances are, you'll come to love it in no time.


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  1. I love Yoga, it's the only thing that truly relaxes me. I just wish I had more time to do it! Great post :)


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