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Original and Fun Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

When it comes to planning a birthday party for your children, it can be a bit of a stressful time. It can take time deciding what to do with the kids and what kind of theme to have. You need to figure out a budget for the party, that will most likely determine what else happens at it. It is fun to throw a party, though. I think it is important to celebrate the milestones in our children’s lives and celebrate their new age. Even if it is heartbreaking seeing them growing up so quickly! As a mum of boys, there are a few types of party that I know are going to be a winner over other types. So here are a few birthday party ideas for boys, that I’m sure girls would love too.

Superhero Party

Who doesn’t love to dress up as their favourite superhero for a party? So making it a fancy dress party with a superhero theme is a great idea. You can put a twist on the usual party games to make them superhero related. Think along the lines of pin the spider man on the web or musical Batman instead of musical statues. The decorations would be fairly straightforward and simple to do. You could make some fun snacks and food. Include things like Captain America shield sugar cookies or Hulk fist-shaped Krispie snacks.

Football Party

If you have got sporty ones, then a football party is always going to be a winner. It is a party idea that is a bit more laid back for you too. You could hire a sports hall or church hall to play in if there isn’t a football pitch available. Then they can play to their hearts content. You could organise a few fun drills and football-related games. Then plenty of drinks and some fruit snacks would be great for afterwards. You could even buy football trophies online to give out in their party bags. Such a fun idea!

Movie Night Party

If your little ones are bit older, then they might like the idea of having a sleepover party. If you can’t face the idea of that just yet, how about a movie night party instead? You could create a cinema-style experience for the kids with some creative seating. They could munch on popcorn while they watch a film. You could even set up a popcorn ‘bar’ with different toppings so they can pick and choose. It could be held later in the evening, so it feels more like they are having a sleepover party.

Pokemon Party

Pokemon is big again these days, so it seems like it would make a great party theme. There are lots of games that you could look up online and adapt to a Pokemon theme. You could even have a Pokemon shaped pinata. That is always a winner! A Pokemon ball cake would be simple but effective to do too, as well as some Pokemon ball cupcakes or cake pops.

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