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How to properly clean and care for your ring before the big day

Your engagement ring should shine just as bright as you on your wedding day, before it is paired with its equally beautiful wedding band at the altar, which is why it’s important to take good care of it in the run-up to saying ‘I do’

 Whether you opted for a band of diamonds, or something simple here’s how to care for your ring before the big day: 

Soak your ring regularly
Try to give your ring a clean each week by popping it in a warm water and dish soap solution and leaving to soak for around 20-40 minutes. This is a great way of removing product build up on the band and stone, such as hairspray, moisturiser, and other cosmetics that it might come into contact with every day. 

Clean with a toothbrush
No matter what stone is featured on your ring, you should clean it with a delicate tool such as a soft toothbrush. After a soak, use the soft bristles to get into all the ‘nooks and crannies, such as the prongs holding the stone in place and the back of the ring. 

Remove when getting messy
Whether you’re out in the garden, painting a feature wall or baking bread, ensure you remove your ring to avoid it getting too messy. Not only will this minimise cleaning time later it will ensure you don’t get anything horrible stuck inside the prongs or behind the stone casing.

David Allen, of 77 Diamonds, recommends also removing your ring when you go to the gym and keeping your ring box by your bed ‘so that when you go to bed, so does your diamond. That way no sleeping mishaps can happen.’ 

Don’t wear while at the gym

Avoid lifting weights, playing sport that requires you to hold an object in your hand (i.e. tennis, squash, hockey) or swimming with your ring on. Some of these can cause damage to the band or the stones can be knocked during the game by a stray ball or another player.

While swimming you could simply lose your ring, as the cool water causes your fingers to shrink and the ring could slip off – and nobody wants to be that person demanding the pool is emptied just for you or having to grab your goggles and dolphin dive to the bottom to search for it.  

Take off when cleaning

Bleach and other household cleaners containing chlorine is not good for an engagement ring so either wear gloves or remove the ring before scrubbing the bathroom or wiping down the sides in the kitchen.

Play by these rules and your engagement a ring should look as sparkly and glittering as new on your big day!

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