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Stationery for Every Stage of Your Life

We seem to use technology for everything nowadays: from the way we learn, to the way we make lists, right the way through to the way we communicate with our loved ones. But there’s still a place for stationery. In fact, there’s a place for stationery at every stage of your life, and for many of us, it holds a sentimental and functional value – whatever we’re doing! Not sure what we mean? Read on to delve a little deeper into the role that stationery plays…

Early Years 

Between the ages of 0 and 5 years old, your brain is learning a lot. A key part of this learning and development is played out with stationery, such as huge sheets of paper and pots filled with chubby crayons and craft materials. Not only does using stationery spark your imagination and flex your creative muscles, but using it at this age actually, strengthens your fine motor skills and develops your hand and eye coordination too: key skills that are vital for success as you grow older.

Primary School

Fast forward a little to primary school, and stationery takes centre stage. You’ll fondly look back on this time as one where you rummaged through your pencil case to pull out handfuls of colouring pencils, gel pens and dusty pencil sharpeners. A desk drawer filled with stationery is essential for completing exercises in the classroom, and you’ll find that your teacher’s seemingly unending supply of stationery can be used to create masterpieces for school displays.

Secondary School
At secondary school, stationery still has an important role to play. Suddenly, protractors, compasses and calculators are knocking around your bag for those intimidating maths and science lessons, and you might even have graduated to a fancy fountain pen with disposable ink cartridges.


Despite the prevalence of laptops in lecture theatres, stationery is still essential at university. Sheets of lined paper bound within empty notepads are indispensable when it comes to jotting down the wise words of professors delivered in complicated lecturers. 
And you’ll get well acquainted with the benefits of highlighters, sticky notes and labels when you’re revising for your final year examinations. Just don’t forget to bring a pen and a couple of spares when it’s time to enter the exam hall: you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle!

First Job

Nothing welcomes you to your first job like a collection of brand new stationery on your desk. You’ll get to know your colleagues and figure out your new role while drawing on the usefulness of sticky notes, staplers, and – of course - a pen to twirl in each meeting.


Finally, stationery seems to follow you through to life’s major personal events too. Perhaps you’ll end up writing your own wedding invitations on beautiful paper before popping each one in the post. Without a doubt, you’ll end up scouring the house from top to bottom looking for a pen to write the hundreds upon hundreds of ‘congratulations on your first home/baby/wedding/anniversary’ cards for friends and family. 

So, do you see? Stationery is practical, functional and sentimental: a constant presence in our lives and one that’s not going away anytime soon.

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