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Tips || Why Your Video Content Isn't Working

Video content is pretty inescapable these days. Since the internet saw its last major boom in popularity, businesses, Vloggers and humble social media users have all been posting their own videos in a seemingly endless stream. You probably know that video content can be an extremely powerful tool in the scope of modern marketing. What you may not know is why your content is failing! Here are some of the common issues you may be up against.

The first mistake you could be making is scrimping on the production values of your video content. Like many of our readers, you might be the owner or executive at a fledgeling start-up, with countless great ideas but very little resources at your disposal. Because of this, you may have decided to look for a cheaper solution to your video content, giving it to an amateur in the office or a freelancer with little credentials. Now, it’s important to remember that all great filmmakers start off as amateurs, hoping to start their own firm or get hired by a larger one like Rocket Productions. There may be some great ones out there. However, it’s also important to remember that video production is a very challenging learning curve and that you’ll usually get what you pay for when you outsource the job to professionals.

Another big mistake you could have made is going into the project with little in the way of a purpose or focus. Some business owners falsely believe that simply having video content out there can be a good thing. It gets your name and logo seen by more people, right? While this is true to some extent, any kind of content without a set goal in mind can be a massive waste of time and money. Once you have a specific goal you want to achieve, you need to make sure the video content itself has a clear focus which coincides with the quotas you’re trying to meet. All too often, I see inexperienced or headstrong marketers trying to cram their video content with every little bit of information they can. When you have a single message driving the whole thing, you’ll always see better results.

Finally, releasing videos that are too long. For a large chunk of your target market, life in this digital age is going to be very full-on. The next time you have an opportunity, have a peek over a millennial’s shoulder at their phone. You’ll probably see countless tabs open, full of sites and social apps which you’ve never heard of before. The modern consumer has countless little things they want to get back to, and they’re not going to have the time to watch a one-hour documentary on how your company was founded. This ties in closely with my point about your videos having focus. You need to grab your audience’s attention with one small part of your enterprise before they’re going to be interested enough to find out any more. Get back on your editing program and make some cuts!

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