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Got An Embarrassing Body Problem? Why It Pays To Be Brave

None of us want to be faced with embarrassing body problems. However, often, we have no control over our health. If you’ve got health issues that you find embarrassing, don’t suffer in silence. However tempting it is to bury your head in the sand, it often pays to be brave. Here are some common embarrassing body problems, and some solutions that may help.

Smelly feet

Do you dread taking your shoes off in public? Do you feel self-conscious about the smell of your feet? Do you avoid gym changing rooms or activities that involve being barefoot? If so, it’s time to do something about it. Having smelly feet is a common problem, and often, there is a simple cure. Odor can be a sign of hormone imbalance or excessive sweating. However, most commonly, it is linked to wearing the same shoes all the time and poor hygiene. 

Try and wash your feet regularly, and wear socks with your shoes. Stick to high-quality materials. Cheap shoes tend to make your feet sweat more. Use odor control insoles and spray your feet with deodorant. If these changes don’t make any difference, see your doctor.

Hair loss

We usually associate hair loss with men, but it can also affect women. In men, hair loss tends to occur as a result of aging and genetics. In women, it is often linked to hormonal changes in the body and stress. Sometimes, you lose hair, and it grows back. With male pattern baldness, the most common cause of hair loss in men, hair loss may be permanent. Some men are very comfortable with losing their hair, and they embrace their newfound baldness. For others, it can knock their confidence and make them feel old. If hair loss is a problem, there are remedies you can try. Seek advice from your doctor. 

One treatment that may help is Propecia. You can compare the price of propecia online. If you’re struggling with hair loss as a result of stress, there are multiple techniques that may help you to manage stress. Exercise, meditation, and creative activities may be effective.


Sweating is a natural response to feeling hot. It’s the body’s way of cooling down. It’s normal to sweat when you’re in a hot country, or you come inside when it’s freezing outside. However, if you sweat more than normal, you may have hyperhidrosis. Usually, this affects the underarms, feet, and hands. There’s no physical pain involved, but excessive sweating can make life very difficult. You may feel self-conscious when you meet new people, or somebody tries to shake your hand, for example. You may be embarrassed about wearing certain items of clothing or worried about trying on shoes in a shop. 

Even simple things can become daunting. If you sweat a lot, try a stronger antiperspirant. You can get medicinal products if standard deodorants don’t work. You could also try taking medication from your doctor. Botox has also been approved as a treatment for hyperhidrosis.

Have you got an embarrassing body problem? If so, don’t suffer in silence. There are people out there who can help. You may think that your issues are the worst thing in the world. But bear in mind that your doctor has probably seen much worse.

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