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Health & Fun | 10 Reasons to Play Online Bingo

As a mum, I rarely partake in exciting days out alone without my children. Gone are the days of getting glammed up to head out with the girls, or getting glammed up period to leave the house or to go on a date night. So, what's a mum to do for some fun? Apart from starting a new Netflix box set, grabbing a vino and some lush chocolates, I tend to play online bingo. Yep, that's right. I play bingo and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  

If you speak to most mums (of all ages) you'll find many do play online games. Some without a monetary benefit, some with. Bingo is one of those ones that gets the adrenaline going as you see your card fill up, and if you win it's even better. Like any parent out there, the financial game from playing is an added benefit, especially at this time of year. 

Believe it or not, bingo games also have additional benefits outside of gaming. Here are just some of the benefits that you should consider.

Fun and entertainment at your fingertips. At any time you want, day or night. 
Online games are the perfect game for all married, partnered or parents out there. Married life and being a parent is great but a little distraction and 'you time' while still being indoors can enlighten your mood. Help you to destress and will give you back a sense of self. 
Researchers have even shown that playing online bingo can boost your memory power and also energise you. 
Playing online games wisely can help you save money. Yes, you can win money but most of the online games cost pennies to play and if you are spending pennies, you're not out buying loads of alcohol, taxi's, new clothes and accessories and food. At the end of the night, you could be saving a heap of money which means, no hangover and a happy purse the next day. 
If you have a shy personality, making new friends gets a lot easier with online gaming. Online sites have various chat rooms where you meet new people and make new friends and share your joys and life events with each other. 
Winning - no further explanation required with this one. 
It improves your cognitive strength. 
Slows down the ageing process - apparently. Of course, don't hold me to that, but happiness does definitely make you more youthful and reduces nasty built up hormones. 
Keeps you healthier and happy. 
The auto-daub feature on online bingo makes the game more relaxed making you feel at comfort with playing. This way you don't have to worry about missing out on a win by incorrect daubing.  

So what do you need to know about online bingo? 

Online bingo sites have various bingo and non-bingo games to play such as slots, scratch cards, pull lever games and casinos games that you can choose from. The different bingo rooms are fun and exciting as well as you can live chat throughout the games with other people in the UK. Each bingo room has its own unique feature and monetary amount that you can win. Out of all the bingo rooms - 90 balls, 80 balls or 75 balls etc - the 90 ball bingo room is the most common and loved bingo room and is always live with other players. This definitely adds to the excitement and I've always found that the other players are friendly. So much so they always congratulate the winners and it seems genuine. 
The rewards obviously add to the fun and will make the experience even more exciting. By depositing a little sum of money you can gain 'lefty' bingo bonuses like free money, free spins and real money prices. Sometimes it benefits you to add a small token of money because this amount is matched or doubled. Therefore you are getting to play with free money to test out the games before spending any of your added pennies. 

So while you are killing it online playing, you can be working on your health. See, maybe you don't need to sweat it out at the gym after all. If you don't want to play online, you can improve your health in other ways. Check out my previous post which covers 'The essential guide to health

Just ensure you set yourself a limit and enjoy the fun. Do you enjoy bingo online or offline? Do you have any tips for new players? 


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