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Wellbeing | Winter Vs Summer Beauty Tips

Hey, guys! A quick update - I've been away from the computer for a little while as everything has changed for me recently. Some things have been for the worst and some for the good - I will cover this in a separate post. 

However, one change that's happened recently to all of us on this side of the pond is winter! where did this icy-cold come from? It's so cold right now I have my mittens packed for work, I have casseroles planned for dinners and I am sure we'll see snow within the next few weeks in the lead, up to Christmas. I'm not going to complain all that much though because it's only temporary (she says as she lives in Scotland, I really should be a comedian). 

So, with the cold comes the new winter wardrobe and a new beauty routine. And, likewise to those over in Australia you'll be changing to a new summer wardrobe and beauty routine. Regardless of where you are staying right now here are some tips to get you through the changing seasons on both sides of the globe. 


Skincare - The cold weather really leaves your skin feeling dry and parched. When the icy mornings hit you know it's time to bulk up your skincare routine with the addition of hydrating and moisturising products. Yes, that also means adding additional moisture even if you have combination or oily skin. Start with a base layer of skin friendly oils. Then, add your daytime moisturiser. I can't recommend Olay enough - their range covers all skin issues and types. 

Treatments - Winter face masks are the best. Mashed banana with honey, avocado and oats, egg white and honey, oats and banana or even an oat and clay mask. They all help to slough away the dead skin cells that give us a rough and dry appearance while adding moisture to soothe. If you don't want to make your own at home Lush Cosmetics make some excellent fresh face masks. Try to add a face mask into your routine every fortnight if you can, to really see the difference. 

Makeup - In the winter most people tend to dampen down the brighter tones for more autumnal ones. I really love Autumn and Winter makeup looks as they are so reminiscence of the feminine fifties makeup. A warm-toned lipstick, some smoky eyeshadow and a slick of liner and mascara. With the cold pinched cheeks that come from going outside you can't fail to look good. If you dislike a heavy lip look Burt's Bees make some really pretty berry toned lip tints that would work equally as well. 


Skincare - In the summer our skins tend to become hotter and stickier as we sweat and move about more. It's still important that we hydrate the skin by adding moisture or our bodies will create more sebum to compensate for the loss. Unlike the colder seasons you can adapt your skincare routine so that you are simply adding some beneficial oils to the skin and under eye area. Serums are good also as an additional hydration layer under makeup.

Treatments - Face masks that contain natural antibacterial properties are great for this time of year. Try a fruity face mask to really decongest any clogged pores on the face. If you suffer from dry skin try to add some avocado and lemon juice to your mask but only use this in the evening as the lemon will contraindicate with the sun. 

Makeup - Summertime makeup tends to be lighter, more balmy and colourful. You simply cannot beat a good tinted balm, a bright nail polish, and a swipe of a good, waterproof mascara at this time of year. 

And finally, If you are on the other side of the world, and you are struggling with heat in your workplace or home I recommend getting commercial air conditioning repairs by New Edge to keep you cool and calm this Summer. 

Whether you prefer summer or winter, try to enjoy each season as it only lasts for a few months. You don't need to go wild with a whole new beauty wardrobe - simply adding a few key pieces into your old routine should be enough to make you feel really good about the changing seasons and yourself. And, the best tip I can give you for all seasons is to stay hydrated, de-stressed and positive. 

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  1. Winter is coming, that means Christmas is not far. I am very happy when I can have a long time holiday at that time, but I have to care more about my skin in winter.Do you have the product links with the pictures you showed in your post? I need to buy BB cream first, do you have something to recommend, I hope I don't ask a lot, thank you.

  2. Those are some new products to check out and see what they do.


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