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Does Being Body Confident Mean You Have To Just Accept Your Flaws?

The need for confidence in your body is obvious - but it's something we all have issues with. Given the society, we live in and the emphasis that it places on physical beauty, there are no grand questions as to why so many women have issues with their body to the point of losing sleep. We already have the answers; we're just not doing much to rectify them.

There are two schools of thought competing with one another. The first tells us that natural is beautiful; that, in fact, we are all beautiful and should embrace our differences. This is a wonderful, if naive, point of view - because it competes with a reality that's very different. A reality where already-slender models are photographed to proportions unattainable in reality; where Disney Princesses are drawn with eyes that are larger than their wrists.

The reality is, if we have a body flaw, then we want to fix it. Is this vanity? Subscribing to a notion that only perfect will do? Or is it smart? If there were something we disliked about one particular area of another thing - such as a car or house - no one would suggest we just learn to "love it as it is." We'd try and fix it. The same should apply to how we feel about our bodies - it doesn’t mean we have to love them any less.

To stop things from getting out of hand, pick one perceived flaw that you believe you need to fix - and work on it. For everything else, try and find acceptance, knowing you have rid yourself of your biggest concern.

The most common issue is one to do with the figure so, it will make sense to begin with that. Your body's appearance is often pushed into the weight category, but it's perfectly possible to be at a healthy weight and still not be happy with your figure.

Know Your Limits

Anything to do with your bone structure - your height, your proportions - obviously can't be altered. Anything that is going to change such a fundamental part of you should not be tampered with, especially when surgeries to gain height are so unreliable.

What Can You Do?

For everything else, there's usually an exercise that can make a difference. Hate your thighs? Running and cycling are the perfect antidote, and what's more, you can do them from home with gym equipment in your bedroom. Check out this website to learn more about treadmills for running if the idea applies.

Cycling is also useful, though be careful - it can build thigh muscle past what you are comfortable with. Try and vary it with other workouts that utilize the rest of the leg.


For everything non-cardiovascular, you have yoga, pilates, Tai Chi and a whole other range of exercises that will help with toning.

So don't be restricted by the idea you have to accept your flaws. You don't; you just have to be careful, choose wisely what you focus on, and only tamper with areas you can afford to.

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  1. I think the key is not to see the things that make you unique as flaws in the first place. We're all perfectly imperfect and deserve to be celebrated for that.


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