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Keeping What's Yours, Yours

Think of the amount of items and objects you’ve gladly accumulated in your lifespan. The treasures, the valuables, the heirlooms. They may be worth quite a bit! Now, think of all the tech in your household - the laptops, the 4K HDR UHD curved TV set, the PS4 Pro with an attached Sony PlayStation VR, the iPad and iPhone.

We’re getting quite a bit of value here, aren’t we? If you think that, and we know it - so does a criminal who will look to take it off of your hands.

The most valuable items in your household will not be bolted down. You can’t bolt down a Playstation or a laptop, and they can hit over one thousand dollars of value which can easily fit under both arms. The portable goods in your home are worth a hell of a lot and can be taken without hassle.

That’s not fair - they are yours. Unfortunately, that doesn’t matter. Criminals exist for a number of reasons - desperation, the thrill of the crime or even a product of our times and environment, the fact remains, though, that the items they want, are rightfully yours. Let us try to keep it that way.

Now, criminals will have the know-how and experience that will allow them to instantly assess the worth lurking inside a property. What your job here is, is to keep your property off their map. If it’s deemed an attraction, that will invite a closer eye. A closer eye means that they will assess the risk of breaking-in and if the risk is lower than the reward? Well, you’ll be out of pocket, and your home will have been broken into.

How do you keep it off the map, though? Maintain your property. Criminals will look for properties that show off any sign of negligence. If there’s items that are broken, an untidy lawn or explicitly unlocked doors, this will warrant an inspection from the prying eyes of a criminal. If you don’t want to be a target, show clear care for your property.

You don’t have to spend a great deal to deter criminals, but you might want an alarm system that will scare them off. Even if you can’t afford the luxury of a security system, then you can use security signs to deter burglars. These are the same signs and stickers given to owners of alarm systems, so you can at least have the same deterrent.

Finally, lock your door. It’s so simple because if you don't then someone might try to break in. Don’t make that mistake because it could end up with you losing a lot - all for the sake of a simple twist of a lock.

Make your property a risk for any criminal who chooses to assess it and you’ll likely find that it will be ignored. Don’t advertise the value in your home and keep what is yours, yours.

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