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Wellbeing | Pro Sleeping Tips For All The Family

As soon as you have a family of your own, you will start to recognise the importance of routine. A strong routine can be the difference between living a stressful lifestyle and living a relatively calm and happy one. It doesn't need to be a routine that runs to the hour - just a basic one for different aspects of your day will do just fine. It means that you will be able to ferry your children around, keep on top of the housework, cook healthy meals and even get enough sleep. The latter is particularly important for the whole family, but in all honesty, sleep is probably something you are lacking in your home.

Here are some ways you can make sure that every member of your family is getting the right amount of rest every night.

Your children

Finding a workable night-time routine for your children is something that you should try and do from an early age. The younger they are when you start, the more likely they are to adapt to and therefore stick to the routine. Obviously, it will start to change as they get older, but by doing this you can ensure that they will never be sleep deprived throughout the day. Pick an appropriate time for bed and stick to it - the time you choose will be very dependant on their age. Then, help them to wind down - getting a hyper child to go to bed is near enough impossible. A bath or a bedtime story is usually one of the best ways to help your child relax and get into a sleepy mood. Also, make sure that their bedroom is cozy and inviting so that they actually look forward to going to bed.


Being low on sleep as a parent is never fun. We have so many responsibilities that often, being tired is simply not an option. Once the children are in bed, it can be worth working on your own bedtime routine, to ensure that you wake up the next day feeling well-rested. Start with making your bedroom a restful place to be. Look at mattresses such as vi spring mattresses to make sure you have a comfortable place to lay your head. Dim lighting or some burning candles can also help to put both your mind and body into 'sleep mode'. Also try to eradicate anything distracting from your bedroom, whether that is work-related or a social device like your phone. Once your brain starts to associate your bedroom with sleep alone, you will find it much easier to switch off once you are in there.

Your pet

Sometimes, it's not your children who are keeping you up at night - it's your pet! Dogs especially can be difficult to get to sleep, and the last thing you want is to be kept awake all night by incessant barking and whining. In order to make sure your dog sleeps throughout the night, make sure he or she gets enough exercise during the day. Avoid playing energetic games with your pet late at night - make bedtimes calm and collected. Also, it is important to make sure that their bed or cage has plenty of comfy blankets inside, and that he or she has gone to the toilet before you shut them in for the night. The whole family getting a good night's sleep might sound unachievable at first, but by putting some of these tips into action it can be easier than you think!

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