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Valentine's Day | A Day For The Ladies

In ancient times the celebration that we know as Valentine's Day had a completely different meaning and name. It was called ''Lupercalia'' and at the time it celebrated the goddess Lupa who breastfed twins, Romulus and Remus during the Ides of February (February 13th to 15th).

This day also celebrated the goddess Juno Februata (which is where 'February' comes from) who afflicted females of childbearing age with a love fever. After feasting on the meat of recently killed animals, the ladies of that time would whip young fertile men regardless of whether they were or weren't willing. It was at this point that the ladies were seen to be taking on their own inner she-wolf behaviours just like Lupa did. See at that time, the ladies believed that whipping the young men, killing and eating animals and being completely nude and indulgent in sexual excesses would make them fertile just like Lupa was in order to breastfeed Remus and Romulus. 

These days were oversaturated with love hearts, soft squishy teddy bears and chubby cherubs through mass-marketing. But, the true origin was not as a sweet and romantic as it is these days - Although I'm betting many partners were wishing their ladies get in touch with their inner she-wolf more...

Sex and relationships have always been central to the original celebration, some believe it should be dulled down to more of a romance and love based holiday but I question that because isn't sex, lust and passion in a relationship just as equally important as the typical love and romance. Don't we generally do the whole love and romance thing commonly and forgo the passion, lust and sex because we have stressful lives or body confidence issues? Ask yourself if you are someone who jumps on your partner when he/she comes in from work, or are you someone who waits for your partner to initiate sex? Do you view it as more of a chore or as something that gives you pleasure? If your answer was 'chore' then I say you take back your sex life this Valentine's Day!

Why not get in touch with your Lupercalia sisters and make Valentine's Day something different - get in touch with your inner she-wolf and go all out. Don't do it for your partner, do it for yourself! So, ladies, this year will you wait around for your dream gift - or - will you go and treat yourself to something a bit more in keeping with Lupercalia?

If you're not all that comfortable being 'sexy' or putting yourself out there then why not start with some lingerie, find a piece that will emphasise your best bits and make you feel comfortable and more importantly - confident! 

Maybe you dislike your love handles, the resolution would be to wear a basque and really show off your chest or legs. If you're someone who dislikes their small chest but you have an amazing stomach, why not opt for the more elaborate bra's that give the impression of S&M style bondage, these details will detract the eye away from a minimal cup and place an emphasis on your stomach if you wear similar bondage styled suspender belt and stockings.

So, on the same note, I will be getting in touch with my inner she-wolf with this Delicate Beauty Bustier by 3Wishes.com I chose this basque because it holds in my mum-tum, pushes up my mum chest which is small in comparison to many other ladies and the colours are still feminine but not 'too' cutesy. Wearing this I feel womanly. As someone who is 5ft 2, I generally don't feel all that womanly or sexy but, this bustier really makes a difference and as weird as it sounds I feel tall, lean and sexy.

Putting this on is easy, I can simply hook it up myself, twist it around and then arrange my bits and bobs but, you can always ask your lucky man or woman to hook you up at the back to make it easier. This does come with the attachable stocking holders but you need to buy the thongs separately. Failing that this bustier will go with most pastel coloured thongs. 

This basque cost $59.95 which is around £48 and, as far as splurging goes it's not even close but as you can see it definitely looks and feels far more expensive and isn't all that different to something you could find over on the Coco-de-mer website at three times the cost!

My handsome manny has seen this basque but not on, he will have to wait until Valentine's Day for that. I'm sure he will update you on the outcome of the basque after the 14th.



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