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Who Said Lingerie Had To Stay In The Bedroom? Not The Fashion World!

As the season's change, attention is to the fashion world. This year, an unexpected trend is becoming clear. Lingerie was once for bedtime and dirty weekends. But, it seems this is the season for replacing your partywear with these lacy numbers. Thanks to catwalk shows from Givenchy, and other top designers, the fashion world is flying the lingerie flag. Okay, so there’s a risk of looking like you just stumbled out of bed. But, if you get this trend right, you’re sure to turn heads. If you’ve never thought about taking your lingerie on a day trip before, it’s time to do a little research. That’s why we’ve got everything you ever wanted to know about keeping lingerie sexy during the daytime!

Like with any new look, get your head around the do's and don'ts of daytime nightwear. The first thing to consider is which women's lingerie pieces will work in the real world. Let’s be serious here. Catwalk models may be able to flash their boobs in the name of art, you can’t do the same on the street. Not without risk of arrest and strange looks, anyway. You need to pick pieces that offer you modesty. Think class, here. It might be best to buy some new pieces, just for the occasion. Wearing your actual nightwear isn’t the way forward! Instead, look out for red carpet worthy pieces. You want to stay sexy, without exposing yourself! Slinky black dresses and lace trim tops are sure to be a hit. You want to buy pieces that don’t look like you wore them to bed the night before!

What better inspiration for a new fashion trend than the pros? Gain ideas about how to make the look work by looking to the people who started the trend. This shoot by Benjamin Barron should give you some idea about how to get the look right. Look, too, at the catwalk shows that started the trend in the first place! Get a feel for how designers have paired lingerie with other items to make them work as outfits. Do remember, though, that not everything you see on the catwalk is going to work in real life. Remember what we said about flashing boobs in the name of art? Don’t do that! Even so, this research will give you ideas. If you’re struggling to find your sexy side, take note from models like Josephine Skriver. As Victoria’s Secret’s new model, she’s flying the lingerie trend high, and looking fabulous for it! She’s ‘living the dream’ in her new position, and you could be living the dream with your new look, too!

Get the Accessories Right

We all know that it’s accessories that make an outfit. Your new lingerie style is no different. In fact, it’s even more important you accessorize right with this new look. The additions are what will take it from night to day! First, think about what shoes to wear. You can’t very well wear your bunny slippers out of the house. These rose satin sneakers are a fantastic example of how to get footwear right. Look out for footwear made of similar materials to your outfit. Think too, of incorporating lace! Speaking of lace, the best way to highlight those lingerie trims is, of course, jewelry. Buy subtle pieces, to match your subtle outfit. Lingerie is sensual. Wearing bracelets and necklaces will draw attention to the sensual parts of your body. Be careful not to overdo this, though. Pick one piece of jewelry and stick with it. Then we come to bags. As you did with your shoes, buy bags of similar materials to your main piece. Think satin and lace. As lingerie is all about subtlety, go for clutch bags instead of full-size pieces.

Bed Head

Of course, you’ll want to incorporate your hairstyle into your new look. Like accessories, this is the perfect way to finish your outfit. The trick is to achieve that bedhead look without your hair being a mess! A bed head is a surprisingly hard look to get right, so it’s worth practicing before you go out in public. Again, you can turn to the world of celebrity for your inspiration. Stock up on products and try to achieve a look like your favorite famous faces. Backcombing and hairspray should help you make the image you want. Make sure to take that hairspray with you so you can top up when you need to!

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