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Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Entertainment?

Nothing helps us kick back and relax after a stressful day like indulging ourselves in our little home entertainment hub. I’m not talking about a home cinema or a $10,000, five-monitor gaming rig - these entertainment hubs of ours can be as simple as whatever PC you happen to use, or whatever TV you have in the living room.

But are you realising the full potential of your entertainment technology? The odds are you aren’t. And when you’re not realising all of that potential, then your entertainment simply isn’t going to be as sharp and exciting as you can get it!

You may worry that improving your entertainment experience will result in you getting a little too hooked to your entertainment. Well, we trust that you have slightly more self-control than that outcome implies! Here are the simple ways in which you can improve your home entertainment setup.

Slow Internet

If your Internet connection isn’t very good, then your streaming services won’t work properly. Your gaming console will take ages to update and download games. Another problem is that you may not get the streaming quality that’s best for what you’re watching. Some streaming services will make up for a slow Internet speed by reducing the sharpness of the image for the film or the series you’re watching. While this means that you’ll have less buffering time and fewer freezes, it still means that you’re seeing a dulled version of whatever it is you’re watching. These things have been shot in high-definition for a reason! Talk to your Internet service provider about improving the service, or find another supplier.

Better picture

When people talk about upgrading the image quality they get at home, whether it be on their TV or their gaming monitors, people tend to imagine insanely big screens that are of ultra-HD quality. And hey, if you can afford them, then by all means go for it. But you don’t need to splash out an insane amount (or take up all the space in your room) to improve the quality of the video and games you experience. Something as simple as a sharp monitor will do. It depends on your purposes, though - some will be better for watching movies, others will be better for games. GamingBuff reviewed the best monitors for gaming if you’re more interested in the latter.

Film rental services

It’s possible that some of you haven’t even heard the term “film rental” for years. It may bring to mind renting DVDs or even VHS tapes from Blockbuster in the mid-2000s or even the 90s! Why the heck would we need film rentals when we’ve got all these streaming services? The simple answers are this: quality and choice. Companies like Netflix and Amazon rent out DVDs and Blu-Rays - and you can rent pretty much any movie you can think of this way. You have so much more choice than you get with a rental service, on which you often don’t see new releases for months. If you rent Blu-Rays, then you’re getting much better visual and audio quality than with streaming. Even when measured against high-end streaming, Blu-Ray smashes the competition.

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