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Body Confidence: The Guide To Choosing Pride

Body confidence is a foreign concept to many self-doubters out there. You may be one of those people who constantly criticises their own appearance and, half the time, is entirely unsure what the perfect appearance might be. Of course, a lot of our doubts and self-esteem issues with regards to our physical appearance stem from ideas pushed on us by the media, but a lot of it comes from how we expect others must perceive us; that includes everyone from strangers to even our closest friends and family.


If you’ve always been a worrier when it comes to your looks, you might have lost all hope in the realm of ever feeling confident about the sight of your body. When you fix one element of yourself, another one crops up. The idea that you’ll ever wake up one day and be happy with what you see in the mirror can seem impossible. However, if you want to start choosing to be happy with your appearance or at least moving towards making the changes necessary to achieve that, then here’s a guide to choosing pride rather than self-loathing when it comes to your body.

A positive mindset.

Body confidence has nothing to do with your body and everything to do with your mind. You might be raising an eyebrow quizzically, but this makes sense if you really think about it. Everybody has a different body to everyone else in terms of shape, size and their unique “blemishes”. Of course, what is a blemish or a flaw to one person is a positive attribute to another. Freckles, curves or even wrinkles can be endearing or worrying depending on the eye of the beholder. There is no one answer.

How confident you are about your body has nothing to do with an objective standard of beauty which you’re failing to meet, but with the very fact that you believe there is an objective standard of beauty. The first step to gaining body confidence, then, is positive thinking. You need to rid yourself of this preconceived notion about the ultimate standard of beauty and starting to appreciate your body in terms of how comfortable, healthy and happy you are.

Getting in shape.

Exercising isn’t just about losing weight, but staying healthy in the mind. A lot of your negative thoughts might stem from an inactive lifestyle and a weakened mental state, but physical activity can work wonders for mental worries or even depression. Perhaps you’ve been hesitant about exercising in the past because you’re worried about loose skin when shedding a lot of weight, but you could consider Bel Red cosmetic surgery if you needed your abdomen flattened. In the modern world, nobody should feel excluded from having the body they want. At the end of the day, it all depends on how much effort you want to put in and how strong-willed you are in terms of developing a consistent routine, rather than attempting temporary weight loss only to bounce back later on in life.

Make it all about you.

As mentioned above, the drive for achieving body confidence should be good health, rather than vanity. As long as you’re looking after yourself and your body can achieve all the things you want it to achieve, whether that’s racing your children off to school or hitting a yoga class, then you’ve achieved the perfect body for you. This should be the end goal.

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