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Garden Party Considerations

Summers coming! And with it all that makes summer great. If you are someone who loves the odd party or two then you’ll enjoy throwing the best garden party in town. There are however very many considerations to make before you decide to throw a party. The garden is not a place initially designed to host parties, but instead a place of relaxation. As such, you need to take certain things into account when you plan the party. Planning it makes everything much easier than simply inviting people over and hoping for the best. These tips can help ensure you nail it.

It will Be Dark

You invite people over in the evening, sure, in summer it stays lighter longer. But the sun will fade as the night wears on and you’ll soon find yourself in pitch darkness looking up at the illuminated house. Change this. Ensure you use lighting so people can see in the garden. Perhaps you've got a spotlight on the wall of the house. Ensure you turn it on before hand and make sure it isn’t set to motion activation otherwise it will keep going off. There is a stunning range of decking lights out there for you to choose from. So if you are having a party on a large swathe of decking then these
can be a good bet.

It Can Get Chilly

Although summer will be in full swing, it can still get chilly on occasion especially when it gets close to evening. You can get around this by using outdoor garden heaters. Your guests will flock over to them during these colder bursts and they can stop the party getting miserable. You could also try a live fire pit, which might be a safety risk, especially if people are drunk, but they are also a brilliant feature that both adds light and warmth to the area. If you have these around you’ll rarely hear people complain about the cold. Remember, they will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet so make sure you use an extension cord if you haven’t got a power point outside. You need to ensure this is waterproof because it could rain and short circuit the cord, which could cause a fire or a nasty electric shock.

Watch Out For Rain

At the sight of rain the first thing people will do is run inside. You can circumvent this by using some form of an awning. It will give people something to shelter under while you wait for the rain to stop and prevents people dragging their muddy feet through your home. During summer, it will likely just be a shower, but having this available means you have the shelter there just incase. You can get many types of an awning, they all usually come out of the wall or are attached to the wall of a house or building. If this isn’t possible you could consider some form of a gazebo for the central area of your garden, you can get them in various sizes and find the right one for what you need.

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