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Home Office On A Budget?

Let’s face it. Employers often fail to promote us or give us pay rises when we feel we deserve them. And most of us could really do with the extra cash as the cost of living continues to soar higher and higher. No wonder so many of us are considering ways to make extra money from a few hours at home in the evenings. A home business isn’t difficult to set up. Getting started takes time and tenacity, so you probably wouldn’t want to give up the day job at first anyway. But having a great space at home where you can focus and maximize that time you have to give to it is essential.

Until you have orders flooding in and you’ve got some earnings to count, you probably want to spend as little as possible on getting your business going. The good news is that you can have a beautiful, personalised home office for next to no cost. Start with identifying the best space to use. In an ideal world, you’ll have a small room that no other family members will use. No interruptions and nothing's going missing! Even a large cupboard can be a great little space for a starting office.

Next, you need to personalize the space so you feel creative, motivated, and focused when you are there. Furniture is key here. Freshen an old desk or bureau with a coat of paint or a new laminate surface. There are products from places like Kenyon Adhesives to secure it and stick organizers, paper trays, and photo frames to it. Add any other decorations that will give you the look you need, and the reminders or inspirational quotes that can push you on when it’s tough.

A pin board can be quite helpful here too. If you can’t stretch to paint the whole room, hang a pin board and fill one side with all the pictures and photos that inspire you the most. The other half is your schedule or organizer. A year planner can help you map out your activities, so you can see a clear progress and identify all the goals you want to achieve in that time.

It’s worth having a separate drive (like a USB stick) for all your work things on the home computer. If you have clients, you’ll need a secure place for their personal details. You may also want to consider the kinds of licenses and insurance that you’ll need. Keep your business safe and within regulatory requirements.

One of the most important things for your home office is a chair. Here is where any budget you have should be spent. You need to be comfortable and supported, especially after putting a long day in your employer’s office. Make sure there is space under your desk to stretch your legs. Ideally, you’ll have a natural light there too, but if you work in the evenings, chances are the sun has gone down. Try to get as much light and exercise during your day, so you aren’t neglecting your health by taking on this new business. Have a happy, healthy business from home.

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