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Little Modern Home Details I Love


If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you will be aware that on occasion I do like to talk about the home. I also like to mention how I have improved mine over the years. One of the ways I have changed my home is through the use of modern designs and upgraded tech. While there have been larger changes to my house, I have also altered little details. And it’s these insignificant little changes that I probably wouldn’t be able to live without anymore. Perhaps you feel the same.

Soft Sliding Drawers

You might also know them as soft closing drawers. It’s one of the best features of the modern home. The draw essentially closes itself, and it’s not done through the use of electronics. Instead, it’s all about how the drawer has been designed. With soft close drawer runners, it’s easy to set up a drawer that automatically slides shut once it reaches a certain point. It also barely makes any noise when it closes, making it perfect for a modern home design. You can purchase furniture with these soft sliding doors or set them up yourself with the right runners put in place.

Smart Tech

It’s hard to count everything in your home that could now be considered smart. There’s the smart kettle that can be boiled using your phone from anywhere in the house or even out of it. There’s the smart thermostat that can, if you have the right one, adjust the temperature the home to match personal preferences. There’s also the smart fridge that will, if you’re lucky, alert you when you’re running low on supplies it knows you want in. You see smart tech is absolutely everywhere and it certainly makes the home feel far more futuristic. Whether you think this is a good or bad thing probably depends on how weary you are of new tech.

Fold Away Furniture

Having a small home used to be a pain and a nightmare. If you had guests over, there was no way to shake the impression that your home was cluttered and cramp. But, now there are great modern space saving designs that you can take advantage of. For instance, you can purchase a table that slides in between spaces in a shelf unit when it’s not in use. The chairs do the same, and this means when you’re not using the table, the room can be completely clean and clear. At the very least this makes a room a lot easier to clean thoroughly.

Laminate Flooring

Not as expensive as hardwood flooring but nowhere near as impractical as carpet, laminate flooring is in this year. With laminate floors, you’ll find the home is easier to maintain and clean. You can get laminate flooring installed in your home by talking to a professional. To complete a whole house, it may only cost a few thousand. But you probably want to focus on rooms such as the kitchen, bathrooms and possible the living room. Do this, and you can make your property look stylish and modern.

Do you love these modern home details as much as me?

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