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Money Mistakes You've Definitely Already Made

We all make mistakes handling money, and I’ll give you an example. Did you know that it’s quite common for a pound or two to slip out your account every now and then and never be put back? Probably not but it does happen, and it’s usually due to a glitch during a transaction. If this is even happening once every year of your life, you could be losing seventy pounds. That’s quite a lot of money when you think about it. It’s also fair to say that if you’re not watching your bank balance, a lot more can go missing without you realising due to fraudulent activity. Here are are few other mistakes you might have already made.

Buying Stocks

Buying stocks might not seem like the wrong move at all. But unless you know exactly what you’re doing it definitely is. Buying stocks and shares is really no better than gambling when you’re oblivious about what you’re buying into. And, like gambling, most people buying stocks lose a lot more money than they gain.

Risky Online Transactions

People have become quite laidback about money transactions, particularly online. You might even have one-click purchases on some sites that you frequently use online. This essentially means if anyone gets your tech they could buy anything they wanted from these sites. You might also have borrowed money from a shady lender online. It’s always worth checking to see if a site is reputable before completing any type of monetary transaction. The infographic below explains this in more detail.

Infographic Created By Cashfloat UK

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