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Turn Back Time in the Kitchen


Thinking or remodeling your kitchen? Instead of doing what most homeowners do and modernising the room, why not turn back time in the kitchen by giving it a very cool retro makeover? Vintage style, kitsch, and retro looks are very much in style these days, and they can take your kitchen from fab to drab in an instant.

Here are some tips to turn back time in the kitchen:

Retro Patterns

The simplest way to add a touch of retro design to your kitchen is to decorate the walls with retro designs. Think bold, geometric patterns that were popular from the 50s until the 70s: the kind of designs that are unmistakably retro. Feature oranges, browns and reds heavily for a 60s-70s look, or go for aqua, blues, and pinks for a more 1950s diner look.

If the very thought of this scares you, instead of using retro patterns on the wall, use them on shelving units, chair cushions and accessories instead.

Tiles, Tiles and More Tiles

Retro kitchens invariably had plenty of tiles, not only on the wall but on the floors too. Think of the classic 50s diner with its black and white checkerboard floor, and you can’t go far wrong. As an added bonus, kitchen tiles are very easy to clean, and they make the kitchen sparkle.

Display Vintage Accessories

There is little point creating a retro look in the kitchen if you just go ahead and fill it with very modern appliances. Invest in a big Smeg fridge, which although not retro has a distinctly vintage look, buy an old-style cake mixer and whistling kettle, and it’ll really bring your vintage look together and make it feel more authentic.

Don’t Forgo Modern Appliances Completely

Of course, it would be foolish to forgo all modern appliances, unless that’s your thing. There are so many things, from instant boiling water taps to microwaves that can make life so much easier for you, that they are a necessity. Just try to buy modern pieces that blend in with your vintage stuff as much as possible, and if that’s not possible, you might consider hiding them away in the cupboards where they won’t ruin the effect.

Display Cabinets

Not strictly necessary, but great for creating an authentic vintage look, glass fronted display cabinets are a great addition to any retro kitchen. Most homes in the past had big glass display units where they would display their fine china, trinkets, and photos and installing one to your kitchen, filled with all your retro knick-knacks will go a long way to bringing your retro theme to life. If you don’t have the room for a display cabinet, put some shelves up on the wall and display your vintage finds that way.

Retro Signs

Retro advertising signs selling everything from OXO to marmalade can be picked up at car boot sales and on eBay fairly regularly, and they are a great alternative to artwork in the average vintage kitchen, bringing a bit of colour and nostalgia from the past into the present.

Have fun creating your old-new kitchen.

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