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Your First Home: How To Make It Perfect For You

Moving into your first home can be one of the most exciting times in your life, whether it’s a tiny rented studio apartment or a house that you’ve spent years saving up for. That doesn’t mean that it’s always easy, however - but there are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself...

Budget Carefully

First of all, it’s absolutely crucial that you make and stick to a budget. There’s no point in finally getting on the property ladder, only to get into debt because you’ve developed an addiction to buying kooky mugs from Urban Outfitters! Make sure that you don’t go over budget and that you prioritise what you need to buy - for instance, a shower curtain is probably more important than extra pillows for your couch. Putting aside a sum of money each month to buy house supplies will help you focus on what exactly you need to get first instead of doing too many huge furniture hauls and buying way too much.

Buy Some Quality Pieces

You might not want to blow too much cash to start off with, but you should bear in mind that one way to stay financially healthy in the long term is to invest in good quality items that will last the test of time. Chesterfield leather furniture, for instance, will look better the more battered it gets over time (and remember that leather couches are always a good call because they wipe clean, so you won’t have to be too distressed when something scary happens on TV and you accidentally spill your spaghetti). Ideally, you’ll want to keep some pieces with you as you move into different places and your life changes over time, so bear that in mind when you’re choosing your furniture.

Focus On The Flow Of Your Home

Make sure that your home is a comfortable place to be - you want to make sure that there isn’t anything out in the way that’s easy to trip over or walk into, and you want it to be a comfortable environment whenever guests come over (after all, what’s the point in moving into your first home and decorating it carefully if you don’t get to show it off?). Make sure that you utilise your space carefully - make sure that there’s plenty of floor space, and invest in plenty of storage so you don’t have too much clutter. Remember that the more you have out, the more you’ll have to clean and dust, and no one wants to deal with that.

Add Personal Touches

Finally, it’s important to really make your new home your own by adding as many personal touches as you can. No one’s saying that you have to put framed family photographs on every single surface, but it’s time to start figuring out your own taste and what you really like. Pick out pieces of art that you can display on the walls, whether that’s prints by your favourite artist or pieces that you’ve picked up at your local markets and thrift stores.

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