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A Well Dressed You Is The Best You

There’s a lot that goes into determining how confident we feel when we step out into the big bad world. The mood we woke up in, how our life is generally going, and how the old hair has shaped up for the day, for example. But then there’s also the matter of how we’re dressed. This is the majority of what people see when we pass them on the streets, and if we’re not confident in what we’re wearing, then it’ll show. Here are a few tips to ensure you look and feel your best.

Dressing from the Bottom Up

Dressing is no easy art, but we can make it easier for ourselves if get the basics right. If we take care of the bottom part of our body, we’re basically already there. The upper part of your body will be what gets the most attention, but if you have shoes and the like taken care of then you’ll already have that ‘well dressed’ look going for you. Invest money in making sure you’re dressed well from the top and you’ll be on your way!

Taking Care of the Essentials

There’s nothing worse than feeling confident in what we’re showing the rest of the world, but uncomfortable in what we’re not showing the world. If you’re wearing tattered old underwear and socks, you’ll feel just slightly off. The bras & lingerie at Knicker Locker will help you feel confident from the inside out while having high quality socks will make sure you feel comfortable and secure in your shoes. In many ways, this is more important than confidence in what we’re wearing on the outside!

Your Own Flair

The beautiful thing about fashion is that it can be your piece of art. There’s no one right style that’ll make you feel comfortable; there’s only your way. This comes easier to some people than it does others, but it’s worth playing around with a few styles and picking one that you feel matches well with your personality. Even if nobody else would wear it, if it feels right to you then that’s the way you should go!

Mixing It Up

Of course, if you have an active social life then your wardrobe is going to have to be quite varied. You can’t wear the same thing on a night out on the town as you would if you were going to a BBQ, for example. When it comes to shopping for clothes, divide your buying into different occasions and take the same approach to determine what you feel confident wearing.

Being Bold

In the end, it’s easy to get bogged down in worrying about how you look to others, especially when it comes to clothing as this requires an active choice on your behalf. But know that having confidence in what you’re wearing is only for your benefit, not the benefit of others. It’s just a small projection of who you are inside, so let your inner self shine out and see where it takes you!

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