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Build to Last: Durable Home Renovations

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have to constantly change the styles in your home. There’s nothing worse still than being forced to do so because the renovation that took place in the first place wasn’t built to last. If these are plights that are all too common in your life then rest assured that there are ways to fight them. Below are a few ways you can treat your home to a renovation that will last.

First of all, when building to last, you need to choose appliances and floors that will do just that. You need to bring appliances and floors into your home that have a proven record of durability. GRP composite residential bathroom pods, for instance, are a worthy fit if longevity is what you’re after the next time you want a change-up in your bathroom. Bathrooms are more susceptible than most to general wear and tear. But if you choose one like the GRP the waterproof bunded floors will go a long way to protect against such a plight. Similarly, the kitchen is another room in the house that faces the plight of wear and tear each day. To fight this you should turn to the longevity of hardwood flooring. By laying your kitchen with this type of floor you are not only laying it for use now, but you are laying it for use for years and years to come. Just don’t be too hasty to walk on it with your bare feet on cold winter mornings!


But it’s not all about the durability of the appliances that you bring in. A lot of renovations need redoing at a later date simply because they go out of style. Because of this it is important to take into account the styling trends of the modern world. Granted, it is pretty impossible to be able to tell what will and will not be in style in five years time. There are however ways to work around this; you can do so by choosing neutral colours. Think about it, when have neutral colours ever not been in fashion? And, surprisingly, you can use neutral colours in a number of ways to accentuate a room. You can use them as a background for wall decor. You can use them to work alongside your furnishings. There are a whole host of ways you can use neutrals to your advantage. And not only will they accentuate your interior design in the present, but they will undoubtedly continue to do so for years to come. If that’s not a good investment, then what is? When it comes to your home and your money risks should never be taken and adorning your walls in bright colours is a risk, despite how ‘in’ they are now. Neutral colours however remain in fashion wherever the weather.


The next time you renovate your home make sure to take heed of the advice above. Well, that’s if you want to live in a home that not only works now, but one that works in the future too.

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