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Champneys Lime Body Scrub || Summer Skin Prep Starts Today

It won't be long before you see blogs filled with beachy waved hair, how to get the perfect suntan and dieting tip posts so I figured I'd get the jump in with this product which will help you achieve healthy, glowing, summer ready skin. To be honest I'm not much of a dieter, I don't use fake tan or sunbeds so you're not going to find the usual posts here but what you will find are economical or parent friendly tips for making a difference, easily.

Being a mum of three sons I need products to work really well and pretty damn quickly too. A product such as this Champneys Energising Lime Foaming Scrub is perfect because it literally takes a minute to apply and scrub especially if you use a scrubbing brush or body puff. I use the puff because it can be washed - I'm a bit weird in that way.

The smell you're hit with when opening this product is pure zesty lime - it's marvellous. The container can also be reused and kids love using it to drench everything which is typically normal for boys isn't it?

The product starts off viscous and of a medium consistency with green zesty flecks, once you apply it to your body or to something that's wet it starts to foam up which gives a really lovely lather. The scrubs quite fine so you can be sure you'll be exfoliating away the dead skin but not the healthy layers so your skin doesn't dry out like some brands.

The jar contains 350 g and costs £10 but this one jar lasted me months. I had purchased this again, however, it has since been discontinued as a single jar and must be purchased as a set.

You can find it on Amazon here, fully recommend especially with Summer around the corner!

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