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Click List | Twelve Things That Had Me Clicking

This beautiful buttercream cake tutorial by Coco Cake Land makes me want to be a better baker. Or photographer. I really don't care how good or bad this tastes because it makes my eyes happy. 

Ballet dancer Sergei Polunin dancing to Take Me To Church is incredible. You will have to watch this at least three times purely because the first two times you will be distracted from his incredible dance... erm, package. By the third time, you'll come to appreciate his amazing ballet skills. 

Butterfly Twists have hit my radar and I absolutely adore these silver Samantha flats, I love the light and airy ballerina styles and the fact that these fold up makes me want them even more for my work handbag. 

Fountain - The Energy Molecule and the Fountain range of supplements, in general, have me clicking a lot lately. I am a big supplementation fan [in the right situations] and the aims of the products are exactly what I need in my life right now. The Energy Molecule intrigues me, as an autoimmune sufferer I need energy in the bucket loads - the only thing stopping me from hitting purchase is the taste. I really want to know how nice this tastes before buying. Does anyone know? 

Real Technique has just launched the prettiest makeup brushes in 2015 and I still adore them. Their Bold Metals collection consists of functional makeup brushes in rose gold, gold tone and silver tones - and - I want them all! I have my eyes on the triangle foundation brush, chubby cheek brush and slanted brush. They will be mine someday. 

Yup another Design Love Fest wallpaper has hit the click list. I can't get enough of her amazing designs and actually have my favourites on three-minute rotation on my laptop. 
Bill Skinner March Hare Earrings - and - Bill Skinner everything has me going ga-ga. I adore his kooky style and have fallen head over heels in love with everything bunny and hare-shaped on his website. Price wise they're so achievable. 

Max Schneider recently signed with DCD2 in 2015 and went onto launch Puppeteer. I am in love. The dance moves, the song and the video. If I'm being honest this guy may be my perfect guy - other than my husband of course. 

Rose and Hibiscus D.I.Y scrub tutorial look so easy to make and I can imagine how lush this must be to use. 

Free People Get Off My Cloud bra. I adore wireless bras and this is so sexy yet feminine in a non-sexy way if that makes sense. I have small boobs so this is perfect for me. 

Amy Sia watercolour cushion is expensive. It's more splurge than anything else but I really adore this watercolour pattern and know it's a pattern that never goes out of style. 

SLOW Watch in gold-tone had me feeling all giddy. I love the one hand concept too, you should definitely check them out. I'm unsure where to purchase from but I so badly want this watch in particular. 

What's had you clicking recently? 

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