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Eating out | The Fettykil Fox

So last night we went out for dinner and The Fettykil Fox, here in Glenrothes which is run by Vintage Inns was the venue of choice. Located just off the Leslie roundabout, beside the Holiday Inn Express this so-called "Country Pub" is a great place to stop off for a drink or a meal, especially when the sun was shining late into the evening. 

The decor inside was so rustically eclectic. I love that they went for a rustic, Scottish chic interior style and Elyse was in awe as each section was decorated differently. 

Although part of a food chain, the food is of excellent quality and the service is superb. Our waitress for the night was cheery, had a joke and a laugh with us and made us feel very comfortable. She catered to our somewhat eclectic needs and was genuine through and through. There really was no fake kindness in order to get tips - this is a rarity! 

While most people have a starter, main and pudding (if they can fit it in) we opted for a more unconventional approach to our meal, starting with the main course followed by a second course - Elyse chose a pudding as her second meal, mamma bear opted for a pudding also and I opted for a starter - although I secretly regretted it and kept eyeing up their puddings. 

All I can say is monotony sucks, what's life without a few nonconforming decisions?

For the Main

Elyse went for the Chicken Pie, accompanied with a creamy mashed potato and seasonal vegetables, which was portioned very generously, but not too much. The chicken pie came in its own stoneware dish and the pastry was crispy and flaked nicely. The potatoes tasted freshly made, there was no horrible instant mash in this dish! The vegetables were fresh and consisted of broccoli, carrots, and spinach, which made a nice side dish.

I chose the T-Bone ribeye steak (10oz), with chips, seasonal vegetables, and a peppercorn sauce. Cooked medium, just how I like it, the steak was cooked perfectly, had very little fat and was not chewy at all. The chips were chunky but the portion could have easily been doubled, I think. I also had a portion of seasonal vegetables, but my ones were seasoned with rosemary.

For the Starter/Dessert

Elyse fancied the sticky toffee and apple pudding, which tasted absolutely amazing, and as a woman with a sweet tooth, this was a great way for her to finish off her meal. Being a sticky toffee pudding, this was sweet and had a very nice toffee flavour and but didn't overpower the apple finish. Both flavours went very well together, something that she did not expect.

I decided that I wanted to have a starter in place of his dessert, but that didn't stop me trying some of Elyse's! For my starter, he had the broad bean & asparagus risotto, which was covered in cheese but following my large dinner I was unable to finish it, I did think that it tasted very nice and that the combination of asparagus and cheese was a very tasty one.

The decor and ambiance

When you enter The Fettykil Fox you will be greeted by a comfortable and classic pub feel, where the lights are dimly lit and the atmosphere is very inviting. The decor is homely-Scottish country, with a nice collection of pictures featuring people of the past, cozy fireplaces, and comfortable wooden chairs.  If you don't feel like sitting indoors and want to sit outside in the sun, a rarity here in Scotland to say the least, then you can enjoy the fully furnished beer garden where you can have a nice drink with friends.

In conclusion

This was a pleasant place to have dinner, and with the nice and inexpensive menu, it was a good way to spent the evening. I'd totally recommend this for a couple, people with kids or if you want to go out as a large group, they cater for these all.

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