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Get Your Geek On With Your Other Half

I think we all have a geeky side, whether we want to admit to it or not. But embracing your inner geek is becoming cooler nowadays. In fact, the popularity of shows like Big Bang Theory, Supergirl, and Flash just shows how on-trend it is. Therefore, you should embrace your geeky hobbies instead of hiding them away. But a lot of people think that they can’t do that when they are around their partner. But there are actually some ways you can embrace your hobbies with your loved one. In fact, here is how you can get your geek on with your other half.

Go to a convention together

You might be surprised to know how many conventions there are around the country. In fact, the days of just Comic Con being in London have long gone. Now, you can find conventions celebrating the coolest movies, games, and comics in your local city. And it can be a really fun thing to do with your other half. After all, you can both go and enjoy schmoozing with other people with similar interests to you. Not only this but you can often meet the people who created the games or shows that you love. And it can be a special moment that you can share with your other half. In fact, if you go to one in a different city, you can make the trip into a mini-break with your beau. You can enjoy the convention then have a loved up night away from home. And seeing each other being passionate about a particular book or game can often make you love the other person even more!

Play online games together

A lot of console games are just one player. Therefore, they can be a challenge to play with your other half. But now there are a lot of online games that you can play with your other half. You can both be on your devices playing games at the same time. And if you play a game like Albion, you can even team up when taking on bosses and challenging scenarios. With these games, you don’t even have to be in the same room to play them. Therefore, it’s a great way to connect while you are in your own homes. Just make sure you are spending time together offline too, so your relationship doesn’t go downhill!

Have a movie marathon

There’s nothing more romantic than snuggling up with your other half in front of a movie.
But to ensure you get to embrace your hobbies too, you should consider having a movie marathon. That way, you get to enjoy some quality time with your other half while you watch some top films. In fact, you might want to choose a particular genre and then watch some movies you both love. And then you can chat about why it’s a personal favourite. You might even want to score certain films if you haven’t seen them before to see what you both think!

And remember to always be honest about your hobbies with your other half. After all, you never know, they might be a secret fan too.

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