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Great Interior Design Tips For The Lounge

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but many will agree that the lounge should take this title. This is where you entertain family and friends, and where you’ll do most of your relaxing at home. If your lounge is looking a bit knackered, here’s a list of some sure-fire tips to make it a comfortable, beautiful and inviting space…
Use Colour to Set the Mood

The colour scheme of your lounge is one of the key things that will affect how you and any of your guests feel in the space. Different colours can make the room feel more energised or more relaxed, depending on how warm or cool they are. If you want the lounge to have a more flexible mien, you can manipulate the tone of the colour scheme with lighting options such as these: Ledison T8 LED Dimmable Lights/Tubes - Simple & Reliable Dimming. If you’re going for a cooler scheme, then a serene combination of soft whites, greys and blues can be a great way to go. This will make the lounge feel calm and cool, making it perfect for relaxed gatherings.
Detail the Walls and the Ceilings
According to traditional conventions, the walls and ceilings of a living room should receive more elaborate or formal treatment, as this part of the home is a more public space. To ensure the room is welcoming, but also expresses your personality, take your time choosing wall treatments, and find ones that reflect your unique tastes and style. These days, a lot of people are tending towards minimalist, chic, repeating patterns. This can inject more warmth, texture and interest into the walls, all the while lending the space a tasteful look of antiquity.
Choose Pretty, but Comfortable Flooring

Keeping with the theme of a living room being a public space, you should choose a floor covering that provides comfort for your feet, and makes a powerful design statement at the same time. Don’t be afraid to go with anything more vibrant and colourful if you think it will mesh well with your furniture and decorative pieces. These can often lay a wonderful foundation for floral and stripy patterns. Alternatively, you can choose a more neutral, subtle flooring that will naturally stress any louder art and furniture. Hardwood floors with large area rugs is still a very popular combination for living rooms. If you’re going with this, read these 7 Rug Mistakes Never to Make.
Have a Focal Point
Finally, remember the all-important focal point. Focal points in a lounge will anchor the whole room, and help to draw your guests into the space. If you’ve got a fireplace, then your focal point is more or less taken care of already! In more modern homes, the television gets this spot. Whatever exists as a natural focal point in your lounge, you can accentuate it by hanging a large, interesting piece of art on the wall behind it. Make this décor piece powerful, but not too brash or extravagant.

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