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How to Go Botanical at Home

How to go Botanical at Home

Spring is finally here; the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and flowers are beginning to bloom.

It’s also the time that we begin looking at doing the ‘big spring clean’ at home. Whether we’re looking to rejuvenate our living spaces, breathe a fresh lease of life into our home or even just dusting off the cobwebs and giving every nook and cranny a thorough deep clean, there are plenty of ways to introduce botanical elements into our space.

But, why botanical? Not only does the introduction of plants and flowers help to promote healthy mental attitude, foster creativity, eliminate harmful pollutants from the air and make us feel better. Also, Pantone has announced that its colour of the year for 2017 is ‘Greenery’, proving that nature-inspired décor is big news for the year.  

So, how do you achieve the natural look at home?

Be Bold

Sometimes, bolder is indeed better. Whilst some of us shy away from creating a dramatic look in our homes, now has never been a better time to go bold and bright.

For those looking for subtler ways to introduce botanicals into the home, choose one wall and create a feature wall by introducing full-length mural wallpaper. Don’t be afraid of making the most of bright colours as you can balance the space by keeping the rest of the room relatively neutral.

Look out for unique and interesting accent pieces such as poufs, ottomans or armchairs in natural shades to finish the look.

Go Green

What better way to use the natural trend than by introducing fresh plants and flowers into your décor?  

Super simple and cost-effective, choosing new flowers to place along dining tables, sideboards and even coffee tables can create a whole new sense of bringing the outdoors in. Not only with the smells remind you of spring, but flowers and plants can instantly help to lift your mood making it a happy home all round!

If you’re feeling up for a weekend project, consider buying geometric vases or plant pots and work the geometric trend at the same time by planting your own terrariums or even consider hanging glass terrariums for those that are short on space.

Then, once you’re feeling green fingered enough – try planting your own mini allotment or window containers ideal for growing your own fruit and vegetables.

Totally Tropical

We’re seeing a huge rise in the tropical trend for 2017 and so expect to see lots of banana-leaf inspired décor and other jungle-esque looks.

Introducing accent pieces such as floral cushions, floral throws and floral artwork work to introduce the trend without overpowering the room. To do this look really well, it’s important to keep other décor simple as these exotic prints and designs are statement pieces.

Choose a neutral coloured sofa or a distinctive leather settee and play around with the tropical theme through the use of accessories and accents.

Choose statement artwork to hang on the walls incorporating these jungle themes and you’ll be on to a winner. Alternatively, do the jungle trend but keep it monochrome if you’re not up to transforming your home into a scene that could rival Jumanji!

Have you tried botanical décor? How did you do it? We’d love to hear from you so get in touch.

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