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No it's Not A Nightmare, It's Your Home

Have you ever found a problem with your home that you wished was just a bad dream? But rather than waking up from the nightmare, the problem lingers like a bad smell around your property. The type of issues we’re talking about here can be catastrophic. They can leave you with thousands in costs for repairs, health hazards and even a depreciation of your property’s value. But what type of trouble are we talking about here? And, how on earth can you fix it before things get worse? Don’t worry, you’ll find the solutions to the worst home nightmares, right here.


You’ve Sprung A Leak

There two types of damp in the home. There’s the damp that you’ll find near the windows. That’s nothing you need to worry about. It’s probably just due to poor insulation with cold air meeting warm air, causing condensation. Open the windows more or get a humidifier and the issue will fix itself. This site Home Depot.com offers a great range of fantastic humidifiers for your home to solve this issue.

Then, there’s the other type of damp. This could be a large, gaping shadow, looming across the ceiling above your bed. It just looks like a stain, but when you touch it, the paint is soaked. You probably have no idea where this came from, but it’s either a leaking pipe or a hole in the roof. You should get your roof inspected immediately. Even if you dry up the damp patch, if that hole is still there, it won’t be fixed. You have to tackle the issue at its roots and you need to do it before things get any worse.

A Damp ceiling can actually weaken the structure and collapse, so it’s best to fix this issue as soon as possible.

In Walls And Floors, They Creep

Some insects we expect and even accept in the home. Spiders are one example, and they are actually quite useful, cleaning up some of the more annoying bugs that bite.

Then, there are the infestations. You might think your home will never be the scene of insect infestation, but don’t be so sure. It doesn’t take that much to attract the bugs. Remember those damp walls? According to Termite Control Plans.com, termites love a little damp. You’ll soon find an entire section of your house is crawling with them. Meanwhile, ants will invade if they find any crumbs on the floor.

That’s why your first step to deal with insects should be to clean the house up. However, if you’ve already attracted them, you might need a pro exterminator.

Trouble With Foundations

Finally, if you’re getting your home evaluated, problems with the foundations is one of the worst pieces of feedback you can get. It’s going to lead to a very expensive repair and will crush your home value. There are a few signs that you should watch out for. The trouble with the home structure and the foundations usually cause the doors to stick and the floors to buckle. If you start to see any signs of this, you should get your home inspected immediately. You might just be able to fix the problem before you're faced with a large repair bill. Or at the very least get ahead of the issue. You can arrange a foundation inspection on a site like Inspect WNC.com.

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