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Noisy Neighbours Nixed

To someone who has never experienced them, noisy neighbours probably don’t sound like that big of a problem. “Let people enjoy themselves!” You might be told, from someone who has never had to try and sleep while their walls are vibrating with sound. “They probably think you’re noisy too!”

To those who have lived it, though? Oh, we’ve lived it. We think it’d be more appetising to set up a tent inside this kind of venue...

… than have to go through another night of living next to the noisiest of neighbours. At least you’d know what to expect if you were in a club, and there’d be a closing time to look forward to - unlike with noisy neighbours.

Not that it’s even just music! Oh no - there’s the door banging, the shouting, the loud conversations in public spaces… and all the other little ways that your life is set on edge by inconsiderate people. People you have not chosen to spend your life near, that you wouldn’t choose, that you are just thrown next to because of circumstance.

People who have never lived next to noisy neighbours don’t know what it’s like to feel like you are a prisoner in your home; like the sound will never stop. They won’t know the fear that the noise will actually stop… only for you to be on your guard waiting for it to begin again.

If any of the above sounds familiar, you’ve a few options for bringing the situation to a quiet resolution.

1. Talk To Them

If it’s banging doors and loud conversations, then there’s a chance that your neighbours from hell don’t even know they are neighbours from hell. A simple request might be enough for them to tone it down. You can write a letter (signed from “your neighbours” - no need for specifics about who) if you can’t face a verbal confrontation.

2. Check Your Soundproofing

While that message is percolating in their minds, you can check your own home to see if there are any fixes to help limit the problem. Noise-blocking curtains can be very useful, especially if you’re willing to spend - the better quality, the better the noise block. It’s also a good idea to call the the experts like Buckingham Double Glazing during your next home maintenance run through; modern, well-maintained double glazing can make a huge difference when it comes to blocking out external noise. These might be small changes, but both curtains and well-glazed windows can really minimise the noise you experience.

3. Don’t Call The Police - Call The Council

Did the message not got through? What a shame, but not an unlikely outcome - some people just genuinely have disregard for the problems they might be causing others.

You will likely receive advice at this juncture to call the police. Frankly: don’t - you’ll be so low down the priority list it’s not worth bothering with. The only exception would be if there is a single incident, late at night, that sounds like an all-night party - but the police have little concern for chronic issues.

Instead, call your council and ask to speak to the antisocial behaviour section. This is the department with the power to make a report, monitor, and potentially even prosecute those who are persistently making excessive noise. If your polite requests have been ignored, then this might be the only way you can move forward.

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