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Pros & Cons Of Destination Weddings

There comes a certain point in planning a wedding when you peer at the skies in your home city and think… maybe I’m going about this the wrong way?
After all, why get married somewhere where the weather might go out of its way to try and destroy your wedding? A wedding should be a day bathed in sunlight and warmth, which is not something you’re guaranteed to get if you get married in certain parts of the world. Wouldn’t it be easier, you muse, if we got married somewhere we were all but guaranteed sun? Maybe on a beach too…

The idea is so tempting that thousands of people every year make the jump and go for it: the destination wedding. When you start down that train of thought, it can be difficult to imagine why someone wouldn’t want to do it. It sounds idyllic; a way of spending the money on a holiday and a wedding in one! What could be better?

Possibly nothing - destination weddings can and do work for some couples. However, before you take the leap and decide you and your intended are one of them, go through the pros and cons.

PROBLEM: You Put Your Wedding In The Hands Of Others

You can’t just pop by and visit your venue in the lead up to the wedding if it’s on the other side of the world. That means you have to rely on the judgement of others, as you might not arrive in the country of choice until it’s too late to make big changes.


You have to be careful with how you choose the people that will facilitate your dream. You should speak to as many luxury wedding planners, venues, and staff as you possibly can until you find people you think you can trust. Ask to see photographs of weddings they have been involved in before so you can minimise the risk.

PROBLEM: Your Guest List Has To Be Trimmed

Unless you have a huge budget, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to fly everyone out to the wedding that would have attended the ceremony at home. A destination wedding tends to involve far fewer guests, and those that do attend may need to have to pay some way towards the cost. This can make you feel awful, especially if you fear they can’t afford it.


Keep the wedding itself for those who you couldn’t be without - your closest family, maybe a couple of friends. This keeps it intimate, lowers the costs, and you can be confident they will feel any financial outlay is worth it. For everyone else, save up for a few months after the big day and throw a dedicated party - that way you get to celebrate twice, too!

PROBLEM: You Don’t Know Much About Your Chosen Country

Often people choose a destination wedding after they go on holiday and decide to get married there, but what if you’re picking off a brochure? How can you know if somewhere is as nice as it looks


You can’t - which is why a few days on holiday just to scope out your final choice is an essential part of planning a wedding overseas. If you don’t do this, then you’re leaving too much to the hands of fate - plus it’s a nice excuse for a holiday!

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